Tesla Model X Gains 75D Entry-Level Version, Replaces 70D

While everyone had their attention on the facelifted Model S, Tesla quietly upgraded the Model X lineup for the 2017MY.

The Californian electric carmaker dropped  the 70D Model X with its 70 kWh battery and 220 miles (354 km) driving range, replacing it with the 75D sporting a bigger 75 kWh battery pack that’s expected to offer an increased range of 237 miles (381 km).

The all-wheel drive 75D’s  0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) sprint time remains unchanged at 6 seconds, and so does its top speed at 130 mph (209 km/h), but the bigger battery has added an extra $3,000 to its starting price over the 70D at $84,200.

You can go well above that if you check the options list with Autopilot ($2,500), an upgraded 72-amp charger ($1,500), six-seat ($3,000) or seven-seat arrangement ($4,000), and towing package ($750). Even so, the Tesla Model X 75D remains significantly cheaper over the 90D, which costs $96,700, or the range-topper P90D, offered from $116,700.

Tesla’s upgrade for the Model X comes right after the company issued a recall for the crossover over a potential hazard with cars fitted with a third-row of seats. The condition affects approximately 2,700 units, built before March 26, 2016.