Volkswagen Beetle Set To Bite The Dust In 2018?

What if it is VW’s longest-serving model, Wolfsburg allegedly wants to pull the plug on the Beetle in the next couple of years.

Volkswagen will allegedly kill the iconic nameplate and shift its attention towards development of crossovers and SUVs to capitulate on the increased demand in the segment.

As Autoline reports, the Beetle will not be replaced as “sales are slowing to a trickle and VW needs more CUVs.” The info hasn’t been confirmed by the automaker but, with Beetle slow sales despite attempts to spice it up with special editions like the Dune or Denim, the bean counters might have just convinced the decision makers.

In late 2018, the last units of the chic vehicle are believed to roll off the assembly line, marking the model’s 21st anniversary since the name was revised.

This isn’t the first time we heard about VW letting the Beetle go: last year, another report suggested that, besides the cheeky vehicle, the three-door Polo will be dropped from the lineup too, in an attempt to save around €200 million ($225 million).

Introduced in 2011, the current version of the Beetle didn’t enjoy the popularity of the New Beetle launched in 1998 and it never rose to the splash made by the original Type 1.

Note: VW Beetle Dune pictured


  • Mind Synthetic

    thanks to america to killing automobile as we know it, and making suv/cuv an urban vehicle

    • Six Thousand Times

      Weeeeelll…the trend started here, it’s true but the shocking thing is how quickly the Europeans picked up on it. Take a company like Renault who doesn’t even sell ANYTHING in North America, has, or is planning, an almost all-CUV lineup. Look at Peugeot-Citroen, look at anybody.

      If there is any hope, it will have to come from Japan. They’ve saved the sports/GT car before, please let them do it again.

  • Bo Hanan

    Missed opportunity for VW. Lower the price and aim/offer more variations to younger people.
    Where is the: Dune buggy-AWD-Rally-Hiperformance-stripped racer-basic models??
    Offer a $20K model!

    • antbee

      Exactly! I’d be driving a VW right now, if GTIs didn’t cost upwards of $40,000 here in Canada. I even considered a Beetle Turbo, but again, the price was outrageous.

      • Enter Ranting

        You’re better off. I had a brand new GTi and the entire thing fell apart in six months. It was the worst car I’ve had. VW was awful from the very beginning of the ownership experience and sucked all the way through. They’re a terrible company.

        • antbee

          That’s terrible! Sorry this happened to you. I’ve heard of similar horror stories.

  • Afi Keita James

    we need the beetle again.

  • smartacus

    why don’t they just make it rear-engine rear whee drive like the original??

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Sports Car! Boxster on a budget.

  • Maderadura

    I always thought they strayed too far from the original formula. It should be on the Up! platform and be a minimal, easy, efficient, inexpensive, stylish city car.

  • BW

    The Beetle for the past two decades has nothing been like the original Beetle. It’s a front-engined, FWD car that commands a price premium. The original Beetle was a rear-engined, mass-market car. Nostalgic design won’t save it. They called it “the people’s car”. They should price it according to its namesake.

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