What Do You Think Of VW’s T-Prime GTE Conceptual Effort For A Full-Size SUV?

Volkswagen’s latest SUV concept, the T-Prime GTE, is a map of things to come, signaling the development of a completely new, full-size model.

It appears that the Touareg’s reign at the top of Volkswagen’s SUV food chain is almost over, as the model will most likely receive a bigger sibling to bear the brunt upmarket.

The concept’s dimension could offer a glimpse of the future production-variant, measuring 6.7 inches / 171mm longer than the current Touareg (199.6 inches / 5,070mm in length, 78.7 inches / 1,999mm wide and 67.2 inches /1,707mm tall).

The imposing concept is powered by a a 375 horsepower and 699Nm (516 lb-ft) plug-in hybrid drive, incorporating a 134hp and 258 lb-ft (349Nm) electric motor – cleverly housed in the transmission – and a 2.0-liter, 248hp and 273 lb-ft (370Nm) of torque turbocharged gas engine. The vehicle’s battery can charge externally, as the powertrain’s name suggest, or while driving.

The impressive total output is delivered to all four wheels through Volkswagen’s 8-speed automatic gearbox, a limited-slip diff, and 4Motion permanent all-wheel-drive system, while still managing to boast a combined fuel consumption, in the NEDC cycle, of 87 MPGe US (2.7 l/100km or 104.5 MPGe UK). Without the aid of the electric motor, the figure goes down to 29 mpg US (8.1 l/100km or 34.8mpg UK).

Visually, the T-Prime’s exterior is reserved and poised, but the cabin greets the occupants with a futuristic design where almost all the commands are executed as touch-sensitive surfaces.


  • Deckard_Cain

    Lovely exterior, hate the interior without physical buttons.

    • Finkployd

      Agreed; also it’s sorta ironic that it’s called touch sensitive when you don’t sense anything when touching it – meaning you need to take your eyes off the road to activate every meaningless command

      • Sébastien

        They might have some haptic feedback

      • TheHake

        Ever heard of voice control?

        • Finkployd

          Sure I have and I love voice control but what does it have to do with the buttons ?
          Also if you have to use voice control for everything
          i.e. “open front left window a bit … a bit more … no a bit less”
          why bother with implementing those distracting flat touch controls in the first place ?

          • TheHake

            It won’t be like that in the production version, obviously.
            And window controls certainly won’t be controlled from the ICE.

          • Finkployd

            Then we all agree

          • TheHake

            Yeah. Manufacturers have been making these ‘buttonless interiors’ on concept vehicles for ages. I think one reason is because it costs a lot to make injection molds for concept cars, and car enthusiasts will immediately recognise it if they use switchgear from existing cars. That being said, with the development of 3D printing, mock-up switchgear for concepts should not be a problem…

  • emjayay

    VW products all seem to express a bit of their Nazi roots. There is a bit of fuck you this is the best car about them. Oddly, the original beetle did not have that.

  • Bash


  • Sébastien

    I like it, even when the rear looks just like a Q5.

  • fabri99

    I like the sharp rear end quite a lot, but the front-end is way too… prominent.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I felt “meh” about it in…2013? So, that minus 10% per year.

  • Bob

    So this is the production version of the CrossBlue? Oh no, wait. Its ANOTHER concept based on…hmm…a previous concept?? The only thing VW seems to be actually making these days is deals with the US Gov’t regarding diesel-gate.

  • Jakub

    I am just curious what’s gonna be better when VW comes out with this and Skoda with its Kodiaq..

  • nauticalone

    I like it…apart from no buttons / knobs. Though they’ve done a more attractive job of huge dual touch screen integration than Mercedez with its E and S class dash boards.

  • Lucas Hampel

    I see here some reference to the Audi e-tron quattro SUV, designed by Kamil Łobodziński.

  • Skye

    beautiful concept but not sure if it will fly here in the states

  • TheHake

    Looks expensive…

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