Mercedes-Benz Reportedly Trademarks GLB Name

Mercedes-Benz‘s crossover family may gain a new member, dubbed GLB, which could slot between the current GLA and GLC.

The Germans reportedly trademarked the new moniker that will be used on a beefed-up version of the B-Class, which will ride on a slightly extended adaptation of the front-wheel drive platform that already underpins the MPV, A-Class hatch, CLA and GLA.

Mercedes-Benz‘s Research and Development chief, Thomas Weber, isn’t worried about possible cannibalization and states that “there is always room in the lineup” for additional vehicles, underlining that the SUV segment is increasing: “Is there room for additional SUVs? Why not?“, the official said, according to AutoExpress.

The automaker is said to separate the GLA and GLB in terms of design, as the former focuses on style, and the latter on practicality, offering more boot space and a slightly larger cabin.

If the GLB gets the green light, expect it to share most powertrains with the brand’s other FWD models, offering the GLB 200 and GLB 250 petrol burners, along with the GLB 200d and GLB 220d diesels. A range-topping 45 AMG variant is not out of the question and neither is a plug-in hybrid. Power will be sent to the front wheels, in cheaper models, while more expensive versions could benefit from the 4Matic AWD system.

Note: Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept pictured


  • iKaizen

    Please stop with the SUVs Mercedes. I think you have plenty already.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Look how the GLA is close to the A-class hatch. I think the GLB is a more spacious version of the GLA and will make the B-class useless as well as customers love SUV’s.

    By the way the most interesting thing about this platform is a new TT-like coupe and roadster that will come in 2020 based on the next A-class, I think it should be called the SLA.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Please stop, Mercedes.

    • TheHake

      Why would they stop when people are buying more and more SUV/crossover cars?

  • TheHake

    It’s such a pity the GLA didn’t quite turn out like the concept.

  • Bash

    This whole suv/cuv thing is becoming crazy,,, they are everywhere now!! I know that a lot of people like them and the market is moving forward toward them but .. Isn’t that just too much!!?