MG Unveils New GS SUV During London Motor Show

After teasing their new compact SUV late last month, MG has finally pulled the covers off the production-ready GS, while also announcing that it will be available with an automatic DCT gearbox.

Therefore, the GS will now come with MG’s first automatic transmission, said to be limited only to the top spec model, and only as an optional extra. On the road, the DCT gearbox will be more responsive and provide customers with a softer ride, according to the British automaker.

The GS will also come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine, as well as three different trim levels, meant to reflect the company’s “family pricing” strategy.

“When considering transmissions and engine choices, we listened to our customers and looked at market trends,” said Matthew Cheyne, MG’s head of marketing & sales. “It’s not only a momentous occasion to unveil our first SUV, it is also a significant moment to announce our first automatic – something many of our customers have been waiting for, and so we’re thrilled to be offering it to them.”

During the unveiling, Chayne went on to say that regardless of how much the GS will cost, “it will be consistent with our other models. We’re proud of the fact our prices are transparent. When we say our cars are affordable, we mean it. The price structures are easy to understand and have no surprise additions.”

Pricing for the new MG GS will be announced in June during the car’s official launch campaign.


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