Nissan Already Hard At Work On Next-Gen GT-R, Could Be Electrified

With the restyled 2017 GT-R currently on its way into showrooms, Nissan have went back to the drawing board in order to come up with an entirely different next-generation model.

As reported by Autonews, stylists are considering different proportions for the car, mainly in trying to improve driving dynamics and characteristics. A top goal, according to chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura, will be improving the twin-turbo’s fuel efficiency.

In fact, GT-R fans shouldn’t be surprised if the next-gen model gets an electrified drivetrain, added the Nissan CCO. “It’s very tough to redesign this car, but we are starting now,” said Nakamura, without actually specifying when the new look of the car will be revealed.

The reason why the current model went 9 years without any major changes is mainly because it has a singular design, without borrowing any elements from its rivals.

“To my eye, it still doesn’t look old because it’s not influenced by anything,” added Nakamura. “If it trues to capture some trend, it would look dated. I think we can change to better proportions – the width, the height. Anything that we change on this car will contribute to better performance, better aero.”

While nobody at Nissan is going to say for sure if the next GT-R is “going green”, Nakamura insists that his company must produce a better-performing supercar that’s also more fuel efficient.

“Electrification is almost inevitable for any car. If the next-generation GT-R has some electrification, nobody would be surprised at that time.”

Note: Nissan Vision GT 2020 pictured below


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