What’s It Like To Drive A Jacked-Up Datsun 240Z For Peking-to-Paris Rally?

This 1973 Datsun 240Z is armed and ready to tackle one of the most demanding rally events on the planet, the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.

Unlike other events of this type, the Peking to Paris rally is eligible for cars originally built up until 1973, with the rules stating that each entry can be modded but only with parts that existed in this time frame.

So you can imagine what sort of adventurers this 10,000-mile rally attracts, with most entries using pre-WWII cars for this epic trip. Chris Bury and his father spent the last year building his 240Z, installing a roll cage, skid plates, a 26-gallon fuel cell, a full suspension with 6 inches of travel and pretty much everything required to tackle this amazing event.

The straight six engine has been bored out to 2.7 litres and is running on a low compression to better cope with bad fuel in the middle of nowhere. Power is rated at 195hp and 189lb ft of torque, with the gearbox being a stock four-speed manual and a period-correct limited-slip differential.

Matt Farah had the chance to get behind its wheel before the car gets shipped to China for the event, giving us some interesting info on one of the coolest builds out there.


  • Dickie F

    That centre of gravity looks very high – does that not affect the car’s balance when cornering?
    Could the roof rack not rather be a much lower,
    boot rack?
    It will also be out of the air flow?