Williams F1’s Pit Stop Prowess Can Help Save Newborn Babies

Williams have been working together with the medical staff at a British hospital, applying their F1 pit stop expertise to the procedures used when resuscitating newborns.

If you’re wondering what one thing has to do with the other, well it’s about the fact that both scenarios involve a team of people working as fast as they can within a space-limited environment.

The staff over at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) in Cardiff has even visited Williams’ UK factory in order to observe the team practice pit stops and see what makes them the fastest Formula 1 pit crew of 2016 – for which they already picked up the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award.

Apparently, the UHW team has already identified and implemented a number of changes to their resuscitation processes, based on what they’ve learned from Williams. For example, the resuscitation trolley has been audited and streamlined to ensure that staff can locate any and all equipment as fast as humanly possible.

UHW has also mapped out a standardized floor space, that clearly shows the area where the neonatal resuscitation team operates. This concept follows Williams’ own floor map, which they use to map out specific pit box requirements at each individual track.

Right now, UHW are in the process of implementing F1 communications and analysis techniques, which include a pre-resuscitation ‘radio-check’, improved use of hand signals (as opposed to verbal communication) and video analysis where the staff can analyze their own performance during new and mandatory debrief meetings.

“When we were approached [by UHW] we were delighted to assist,” commented Williams’ deputy team principal Claire Williams. “Their work is vitally important and the pressure they work under is difficult to comprehend; it’s a matter of life and death every day of the week.”

“If some of the advice we have passed on helps to save a young life then this would have been an extremely worthy endeavor. We are increasingly finding that Formula One know-how and technology can have benefit to other industries and this is a great example.”