2019 Dodge Journey To Be Built In Italy And Use Alfa’s RWD/AWD Platform, Says Report

Dodge’s Journey model has been in production since 2008, adopting its Fiat Freemont alter-ego in some markets. The next generation, though, will be more European-bred with added Italian flair.

Chrysler re-badged the current Journey that’s manufactured in Mexico beginning with 2011, offering the Freemont with a different suspension tuning and slight cosmetic changes. Now, AutoNews reports that FCA will shift Dodge Journey’s production from Mexico to Italy, after the model gets replaced with the next-gen, 2019 model year – according to supplier sources.

The move will help boost plant utilization in FCA’s European assembly operations, as well as free up capacity in North America to expand output for Jeep SUVs and RAM pickups, while focusing on the development of the future Compass and Patriot.

Moreover, the future Journey will reportedly share a platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which translates into a transition from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel-drive, and possibly all-wheel-drive for the mid-size crossover sport utility vehicle.

Although details about the vehicle’s powertrains are non-existent at this point, we can imagine the model sharing the same engines as the Giulia and Alfa’s future SUV, the Stelvio. Underpinned by the same RWD/AWD architecture, the Journey could make use of Alfa Romeo’s four-cylinder engines and 8 speed automatic gearbox.

Meanwhile, the current Journey will soldier on for at least two more years, and continue to be built at the Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico.


  • Kash

    I thought this thing was dead?

    • Six Thousand Times

      Think of it like a zombie…

      • Kash

        But Zombies don’t beg for death though.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Im just glad there will be a new one!

    • Tumbi Mtika

      And RWD!!!

  • ME

    So the all American Jeep Compass will now be made in Mexico while the lame-who- cares Journey will be made in Italy?

    World is coming to an end.

    • Ilbirs

      Maybe this second-gen Journey will be made for some time in Italy, as Charger and Challenger successors, slated to be released in 2018, will also be based on the same Giorgio platform, meaning that is production could be shifted to North America and leaving room in Alfa’s plant for more Giorgio-derived models from the Milan’s brand.

  • Ilbirs

    I have the following impression:

    1) FCA will keep its no-redundancies proposal between its brands. This was already achieved in the minivans (there’s only the 500L and the Pacifica), but now will be extended in a slow, gradual and safe pace to the other categories of vehicles;

    2) Outside North America the only extant Dodges are those that in fact cannot be rebranded as Fiats, as it occurs to the Journey. Rumors from Brazil show that the Toro-derived SUV (codenamed X3U) was greenlighted, meaning that what now is a rebadged Dodge called Freemont can be replaced at a world level and allowing the next Journey to be the “poor man’s Stelvio” that is being talked;

    3) Maybe the production in Italy is a temporary measure, as two other Dodges will come from the Giorgio platform: the next Charger and the next Challenger. These models would require a North American plant to be sold in the volumes the current ones are sold. Maybe with the arrival of these two new models it’d make sense the production shift from Europe to a NA assembly line;

    4) As there’s this no-redundancies policy and at most we see some models being rebranded as the context allows this, a Giorgio-based Journey would have the advantage that the current one doesn’t have: not having a Fiat twin worldwide and offer a less expensive alternative for those who don’t want the Stelvio. This would allow broadening Dodge’s world lineup and preventing more models to be rebadged as Fiats due to being too generic;

    5) This move also points to a change in Dodge’s five year plan:



    The original proposal was to have Journey replaced this year by something FWD or FWD-derived AWD (probably on the CUSW). As Journey sells well as it is, FCA can postpone its replacement and gain some time to prepare its successor, maximizing Giorgio’s sharing inside Dodge and also benefitting Alfa in this process.

    • antbee

      Almost every week or so, there was a change to Dodge’s Five-Year Plan, as Sergio was always adding, taking away, or just spouting out some nonsense to make it seem legit.
      Those graphics you have included are nice and all, but they are way beyond moot.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The over-under on this actually happening? 20% chance? 25?

  • MarkoS

    Lets hope the next Cherokee moves this as well.

  • jeepwonder

    I hate to break this to Sergio… but what models have used alfa platforms and gone on to success? Why can’t marketing take a stick and knock some sense into FCA, why not call it a Chrysler platform?

  • psiqtas

    WOW, uuhh, damn – Mopars are less and less american… RIP!

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