Next Audi SQ5 To Offer 365HP Thanks To Electric Turbo Tech

Most of the impressive technologies that debuted with the Audi SQ7 will trickle down in the next generation of the SQ5, including the new 48V electric system.

Audi’s powertrain chief Oliver Hoffman told Autocar that 390hp was ‘possible’ for the upcoming SQ5 but in order to maintain driveability, the final car will have closer to 365hp, a 30hp increase compared with the current SQ5 Plus.

Despite the modest increase in power, the new model is expected to have a significantly improved power delivery thanks to the adoption of an electric compressor that will work in conjunction with a traditional turbocharger, instead of the twin-turbo setup of the current model.

This is expected to reduce dramatically the turbo lag while the V6 diesel engine will also gain Audi’s Valvelift System. The adoption of the 48V electric system will allow the use of the active roll-bars in the suspension, a technology that also debuted in the bigger SQ7.

If you were impressed by the SQ7’s technical features but you couldn’t afford one, the next Audi SQ5 might do the trick for you.