Putin’s Russian State Sedan, Limo And SUV Look Eerily British

New real-life images and patent renderings of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initiative to create a new line of domestic luxury vehicles have been published on the net.

Named Project Cortege (or Kortezh), the initiative is being implemented by the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Institute in Moscow in cooperation with a consortium of Russian engineering and design companies.

The plan calls for a presidential limo for Putin himself, as well as other high-ranking members of the government, together with an entire family of special purpose vehicles, including a minivan, a shorter sedan and an SUV.

Last we heard about the Project Cortege was in April, when images of the, as of yet, unnamed, presidential limousine in scale model (exterior) and prototype (interior) forms made the Russian news. Now, we have patent renderings of both the regular sedan and SUV as well as pictures of a prototype version of the latter, courtesy of Drom and Instagram user @duble13, respectively.

The large luxury SUV doesn’t look like the one on the patents, so we’re not sure if it’s a different model or perhaps one of the design directions that its creators are examining at this stage. Either way, there’s something very British about the styling of all three cars, with the two sedans bearing an undeniable resemblance to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, while the pair of crossovers seem inspired by various Land Rovers and Bentleys (in particular the Bentayga and the EXF-9 concept)

Helping the Russians with the Cortege series is Porsche, which was brought on board to assist in the development of the powertrains, which are believed to include V8 and V12 mills.

In April, the Russians announced that the first batch of Cortege cars will roll off the production line at the end of 2017, with President Putin to receive the first car. While the Russian government will be the brand’s biggest client, acting Russian Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov, told the press that the cars will be offered for sale to the general public as well.

Thanks to Mikhail S. for the heads up!

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  • benT

    Only occasionally, but like occasionally Putin even looks like he could give a shit…………..but only the one!

  • emjayay

    There’s some London Taxi in some of those as well.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      True that

  • eye.surgeon

    Government centralized planning has always produced the best automobiles, right Russia? LOL.

  • lapirk

    Looks like an amalgam of most luxury brands. Is that a screen running all along the dash?? If so that’s industry first!

  • Stephen Baxter

    They might look worse than the clone cars from china.

  • PAn

    It’s time to go to a design school.

    • Knotmyrealname

      You can’t teach people style.

      • PAn

        Yes, but you can try.

        • Knotmyrealname

          Try all you like. Someone will give up in the end.

          • PAn

            The Japanese have learned, the Koreans have learned, the Chinese are learning. And then what do you think will happen to the Russians?

          • Knotmyrealname

            The Japanese have learned to use westerners, The Koreans have learned to use westerners, The Chinese have learned to use westerners… etc…

          • PAn

            Do you think there are not Japanese (the people with the oldest automotive tradition among those peoples) between the most important designers of cars ? There are.

  • Jack Newl

    From the category – as the master budget money !!!!)))))

  • fabri99

    They would be great on GTA V.

  • DMJ

    How many millions of russian taxpayers are being spent for this? We all know that the development of a normal car can easily be around 400 Million, imagine everything from a scratch, engines, wheelbase, facilities…typical dictator style.

  • psiqtas

    As before the iron curtain – they still copy the “West”…

    • oaguilar

      The West uses their rockets to go to the International Space Station and place satellites in space. They can’t even copy them.


    oh Vlad, Bentley called and said they will see you in court

    • Hague Tribunal called first…. the bench is waiting. And then the gallows…

  • XtremWize

    Looks much better tan the original Rolls …

  • Astonman

    i like the SUV

  • Eunos

    russian copy of a chinese copy of a decent car

  • Bob White

    And just like their Olympics, after corruption, they will cost 50X the going rate.

    • Who cares, this little botox-faced pedophile kgb midget will hang before it goes to a trial state.

  • so rolls and jag knock-offs. ok whatever, a country of cheaters, murderers, thieves, liers and plagiarizers.

    • oaguilar

      The contract to build the engines for the Motorcade project has been awarded to Porsche Engineering Group (PEG), a subsidiary of Porsche AG, with the German company being preferred over AVL (Austria), Ricardo (Great Britain) and FEV (Germany). The first engine Porsche Engineering Group will build is a V12 turbo engine with a capacity from 6.0 to 6.6 liters, said to deliver approximately 800 horsepower.

  • Miknik

    That previous generation Ford Mondeo steering wheel just looks so classy in a State Limousine.

    • Knotmyrealname

      …and how about the centre pad of that wheel? I originally thought someone left a placard over the wheel.

      • Miknik

        That stitching was clearly done by someone who has the Polo RL shirts with the largest Polo symbol on them. And appreciates that a lot 😉

  • Alan

    All those models looks like copy’s of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Landrover, Porsche Cayene, and London Cab. Oh yes, there is a bit of Audi Q8 as well… bullshit

  • TheHake

    Like Hammond said: “Spared no expense…”

  • Russia Good

    name one British Car? Lada produces more cars than entire UK

    • Rob Jacobs

      Wow, I wouldn’t boast about that big guy! Name one good car that Lada makes? There aren’t many cars that maintain true national independence these days but there are a number of great cars being made in the UK, certainly more than Russia. Jaguars, Landrovers, Caterham, Aerial, Mini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, McLaren (100% Brit) to name but a few, plus all the F1 teams based here. I now await the illustrious list of cars made in Russia………….

      • oaguilar

        Still, no British Space Program, unless you put a Briton on a ladder, lol

  • me

    Theese look like something that would be in a Grand Theft Auto game.

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