2017 VW Tiguan Long-Wheelbase With 7-Seats Uncovered, Will Come To USA

Well, that didn’t take long, did it ? Just as the regular, new VW Tiguan went on sale in Europe, the upcoming, stretched version with an additional row of seats was nabbed completely undisguised.

While these images appear to have been taken in China where the Tiguan Long Wheelbase or LWB will be built for the local market, the same car will also be manufactured at VW’s Mexican plant for global markets, including the USA and Canada, with production to start during the first quarter of 2017, as the German brand recently informed us.

The new Tiguan LWB that will go on sale in the States as either a 2017MY or a 2018MY (depending on the launch date), will come with a wheelbase stretched by 110 mm / 4.3 in. over the already larger and more spacious second generation model that rides on a 2,681mm / 105.6 in. wheelbase, as well as an extended rear overhang. A portion of that extra space will go to the addition of a retractable third seat bench, most likely aimed at accommodating two children, as in other cars in this class.

Admittedly, these aren’t the best pictures, but the front quarter image suggests that the LWB model won’t look as composed as the regular wheelbase Tiguan.

The longer version of VW’s SUV will get the same mix of turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines, and possibly a hybrid variant, as the short Tiguan.

This won’t be the last member of the Tiguan series, as after the presentation of the LWB model, VW plans to introduce a five-door coupe variant of the compact SUV, with a similar styling philosophy to the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, in a smaller and more affordable package.

Thanks to Evan for the heads up! Pics via Autohome, Sohu

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  • Edumcris

    While the European version looks amazing, this one looks, well, horrible. It doesn’t look agile or sporty like the short version.

  • matrem

    Why wouldn’t it have the same front end as the short wheelbase variant? Why would they make it uglier for our market?

    • Same reason they made a US Passat very different and inferior to German & rest of world Passat…VAG treats their US customers as cattle class consumers…

      • TheHake

        Because US customers don’t want to pay for quality. The previous Passat didn’t sell because it was considered too expensive. That’s why you got the cheaper Passat.

      • Frosty

        Because that’s what the US customers are most are the size of a small cow to boot

        • Hmmm, I guess you’ve never went to Germany or the EU…hehehe…

  • fabri99

    It must be some other model for China, it doesn’t even have the same front end as the european spec Tiguan…

  • Kash

    Maybe I’m missing something, but the only difference between this and the SWB is the hood. This one has a much simpler design, but the lights, the grille, the trim, everything else is identical in the front.

    • TheHake

      To me the front looks different. I had a look at the new Tiguan at the dealer last week, and it looks really good and mature, where this looks cheap and nasty.

      • Kash

        I think part of it is how the picture was taken, it’s from a very odd angle and is warping the appearance. But looking at pictures of both you can see all the same elements are there except the hood which could just be a quick fix because for some reason they had to tweak the engine bay’s dimensions for a stupid reason.

        • Kash

          I dunno, that looks pretty close to me, again aside from the hood with it’s extra creases.

  • Rafał Szychowski

    Looks awful, has no chance to fight with Sorento and Santa Fe in the US. Americans are not stupid.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Have you been following this Trump campaign?

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Haaha! You’re funny.

  • Gerald Michael

    That angled side window (between the C- and D-pillars) design is so played. I really wish VW would offer the SWB version in the US.

    • eb110americana

      VW is biting so hard off the X3/X5’s design there, I think BMW should sue.

  • Erzhik

    Why would you want a 7 seater Tiguan? A 5 seater is already small enough. Is the third row for hobbits?

  • Althea Later

    I know the word generic has become cliché… but that is really generic looking

  • MarketAndChurch

    I like the SWB version, but I think the LWB version looks better, only because the length makes it look like a poor man’s X3 or Q5. Which would be awesome in the US. That face though… there is room for improvement, considering how the Euro-spec Passat and Tiguan look.

  • Joel Serpico

    VW with Seat Ateca rims

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Looks like a handsome Duster. Not a compliment.

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