Almost 70 Per Cent Of New Ford GTs Are Going To Previous GT Owners

While Ford’s innovative approach to selecting successful applicants for the 2017 Ford GT raised some eyebrows, the firm’s head of product development has revealed that almost 70 per cent of new GT owners have owned a previous-generation model.

Speaking with @FordOnline, Raj Nair, said that the company tried to be especially gracious to its loyal customers, favoring them in the online selection process.

“With production limited to 250 units per year, the Ford GT will be one of the rarest Ford products ever, and we tried to be as gracious as we could to our loyal Ford customers,” he said. “As a gesture of our appreciation for Ford enthusiasts, 87% of the selected applicants are existing Ford vehicle owners and 69% own a previous generation Ford GT.”

Even though Ford has only confirmed 500 units of the new GT for its first two years of production, over 6,500 people applied to purchase the new car. Inevitably, some collectors and previous GT owners missed out, while some enthusiasts with strong social media followings such as YouTuber Shmee150 and Canadian DJ Deadmau5 were among the chosen ones.

While 500 Ford GTs have been confirmed, indications point towards additional units being produced after 2018, potentially including a slew of special editions.