Peugeot 2008 And 3008 Could Get Sporty GTi Variants

Peugeot has revealed its interest in creating a host of new sporty GTi models, potentially including variants of the 2008 and 3008 SUVs.

While speaking with Autocar, the company’s head of product development Laurent Blanchet revealed that the brand intends on offering GT, GT Line and GTi versions across its range.

“The strategy of the brand is to have upper versions, GT, GT Line and GTi, and this strategy will be developed in all the range,” he said.

As it stands, Peugeot offers GTi badged models of the 208 and 308 hatchbacks. More sporty derivatives of the 2008 and 3008 would be its first foray into the performance SUV market, providing the firm with a rival to the Nissan Juke Nismo among others.

Extending beyond the impending GT and GT Line of the SUV duo, a GTi model would be expected to include extensively modified suspension and a selection of incremental engine changes.

Some technologies from the radical 500 hp 308 R Hybrid may also trickle down, including the concept‘s hybrid all-wheel drive system.


  • Ilbirs

    A 2008 GTi would be basically what the Brazilians know as 2008 THP, using the 1.6 turbocharged engine matched with a six-speed manual transmission. Maybe the European version could have a more powerful spec of this Prince family powerplant, but it’d be more or less what the host of 2016 Olympics know since last year.