Scoop: All-New Audi A7 To Come With Cleaner Looks And High-Tech Features

Audi is working on the development of the next A7 four-door coupe and our spies got a hand of one of the first prototypes in action.

While not of the best quality – actually, far from it, these long-distance shots show us the next A7 in prototype form, giving us an idea what to expect from the Germans.

Audi’s next generation big four-door coupe is going to keep the same footprint with the current model but the adoption of the latest MLB-evo platform will allow not only a smaller weight figure, but also a roomier cabin.

The new platform also means that Audi will be able to install alternative powertrains under the bonnet, including a plug-in hybrid version next to the usual petrol and diesel units. The brand’s Quattro AWD system will be similarly updated for better fuel efficiency and performance under spirited driving.

As for the design, Audi is going for a combination of a wider hexagonal front grille paired with slimmer headlights to give the new car a much more dynamic and aggressive look. The new family grille is expected to debut in the new Audi A8 and is derived by the Prologue concept car.

The whole shape of the car is also expected to be more organic, getting rid of the sharp creases of the current A7’s rear end as Audi is actively working on making their cars look and feel more elegant and sporty.

The new Audi A7 will also feature a series of semi- and full-autonomous features that will also debut in the larger A8 and the new generation of the company’s infotainment system which will offer gesture control among others.


  • Adnan Cehic

    At first sight of the current A7, I haaated it. Now? I can’t get enough of them.

    You can fit more things in the back of that thing than you can in what manufacturers like to call “crossovers”.

    Time to save up some money.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    all i ask Audi is a more profound style shift exterior-wise than the “new” A3, A4 and A5… i love the A7 but it definitely has potential to achieve new Panamera praise

  • James Moore

    I sure thought it was a Hyundai based on the spy photos of the grille and front end.

  • Guess

    Let me guess… will look just like the last one!

  • no25

    I’ve seen better quality spy shots, and I like what I see so far. I hope the grille isn’t too, too wide.

  • cA

    The creases were good though..