Cadillac’s Escala Concept Looks Even Better As A Wagon

While the Cadillac Escala isn’t expected to reach production, it did debut an impressive new styling language which could funnel down into future Cadillac models, giving us hope that one day, a similar looking car will hit the market.

The company’s chief executive recently revealed that Cadillac’s range won’t be topped out by an ultra-luxury sedan after all, raising hopes that a new SUV is in the works.

But what if the automaker did something complete off cuff, perhaps making a range-topping wagon? Well that’s where Theophilus Chin steps in with his latest rendering.

To dream up this mythical model, the rendering artist has taken the Cadillac Escala, lengthened the roofline and added a different rear window and tailgate. The end result, well, it’s quite stunning. It may even look better than the actual concept.

As the Escala adopts an array of angular lines and sharp edges, its design perfectly suits the elongated roofline of a wagon or Shooting Brake and from any angle, looks every bit as good as the stunning Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake.

What do you prefer, this Escala Wagon rendering or the sedan?


  • Cadillac Estate

    Nice styling, but as mentioned before, the rear door windows cannot be rolled down, so at least design that glass accordingly.

  • Craig

    I actually like this. And I don’t like the sedan.

    • Dan

      I agree. Sedans in general don’t ever seem to look as good as their hatch-adorned counterparts.

  • kkkk

    Fugly. Both

    • Big Black Duck

      Stop talking about your sister like that

      • BqWsRe


        But so true.

    • BqWsRe

      Coming from ‘kkkk’, don’t expect an intelligent comment.

  • TheBelltower

    This is stunning. Most Cadillac concepts are. But they never build any of them.

  • Kash

    Yeah I don’t really like the look of it this way.

    • BqWsRe

      Stop talking about yourself.


      • Kash

        Stop upvoting your own comments. lol.

        • BqWsRe

          Stop being a Communist dictator. Nobody likes them.

          Mall cops aren’t liked either.

          • Kash

            You commented on my post first where all I did was express my opinion on the rendering, but please tell me how you got to “communist dictator”

          • BqWsRe


          • Kash

            Up what?

  • BqWsRe

    Stunningly gorgeous!

    They ARE building an SUV as a flagship. That is where the market is…it allows them more packaging room for creature comforts and tech. It will blow the doors off the competition because it has too and Johan is on the helm. Chinese market also dictates. Think this vehicle but a little more roof height to make a fast SUV.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I hate to be the one doing this but I think Theo used the upper rear quarter of the European KIA Optima Sportwagon in this (admittedly nicely done) chop.

    • Kash

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the Kia in this Caddy. lol.

      • BqWsRe

        Well, a lot of people like KIAs.

        • Kash

          And I didn’t say anything about Kia’s being bad?

      • Six Thousand Times

        No, it’s there – I just hate being THAT guy. 🙂

  • Big Black Duck

    this is very beautiful…though it has some hearse like qualities

    • BqWsRe

      Bad-ass hearse-like qualities.

      Just a chop…can’t wait for the real flagship SUV.

  • klowik

    It looks like a hearse.

  • benT

    yet another conceptual concept.

  • Celt Jochanan

    Not care for this concept as a Cadillac, it just doesn’t seem to fit. That said, Escala is attractive in it’s own way. This is what Licoln’s MKT wanted to be.

  • getoffme

    Lol…it is a hearse.

  • PeterMcPumpkinPhD (Harvard)

    LAFF OUT LOUD – it’s a horse

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