Ford Designs System To Turn A/C Condensation Into Drinking Water

An engineer at Ford has developed a system which captures and filters the water from a vehicle’s air conditioning system and makes it drinkable via a small faucet in the cabin.

Doug Martin was inspired to design the setup after reading about a billboard in Peru which created water out of humid air and provided it to locals. His system, dubbed On-The-Go H2O, brings similar technology into a vehicle and is one of just thousands of inventions submitted in the past year by Ford employees.

Whereas the condensation of a vehicle’s air conditioning system typically just drips out onto the road, Martin’s system captures it, runs it through a 0.1 micron filter to remove any contaminants and then pumps it through a faucet. Per hour, the system can produce over 64 ounces (1.89 liters) of water every hour.

Martin hopes that one day the system could make its way into a production vehicle and prove particularly useful in areas where safe drinking water is difficult to find.

“All that water going to waste should be recovered to serve a purpose,” he said. “The real vision is that this idea could eventually help people who don’t have easy access to water, in remote locations such as the Australian Outback, for example. I’m trying to make my twin daughters proud, and make the world a better place for them.”



  • roy

    that’s awesome

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Yeah, but does it make a Skinny Caramel Macchiato?
    US citizens need to know!

  • pureworx

    but what does it taste like?

  • Gerald Michael

    The features list will soon include the kitchen sink.


    waiting for the in car toilet , that Ford will go like stink !!


  • Cool! Now, how about a zen garden in place of those two cup holders? 🙂

  • VW_Freak

    whaat fuc***?? what a stupid ideia …

    • aaronbbrown

      Another over-entitled overprivileged moron heard from.

      Now go have your mommy get you a glass of water. 🙂

    • Stephen Baxter

      Perhaps to someone in a first world country, I imagine quite possibly billions of Indians and africans think this sounds hydrating

  • MarketAndChurch

    I wonder if the amount of water it produces is enough to generate power for a hydrogen hybrid.

    • fabri99

      First thing I thought too.

    • aaronbbrown

      The perpetual motion car, coming to a dealer near you, circa 2083 🙂

      Now all we need is some reconstituting tires, and you’ll never ever have to stop driving.

      I foresee a generation born in cars, who live their entire life behind the wheel, people who will never know the ignominy and shame of touching foot to pavement.

    • Jp

      Water is the output of a hydrogen engine, not the input…

  • fabri99

    Water is for peasants. People won’t buy this until it makes Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

  • Bob

    Could be a way to sustain that water injection on a BMW.

    • Ilbirs

      By what I know, the water injection in the Bimmers uses the water from the air conditioning.

      • europeon

        Nope, it has to be refilled.

    • europeon

      I was about to say the exact same thing.

  • Ilbirs

    I wouldn’t say that this invention will be that worthy when used in a car, unless you’re travelling across the desert and for sure the condensed water is something that can make the difference between life and death in such inhospitable environment. Maybe this thing will find more uses in trucks with sleeper cabs, trailers, motorhomes or even in ships that cross oceans and would have an alternative to fresh water other than dessalination or other ways, as in these cases there’s even more storaging space than in an ordinary vehicle.
    In my country (Brazil), a coach driver had an idea that reuses the water coming from air-conditioning to tasks that aren’t as noble as this invention from Doug Martin, connecting the pipe from condensator to fill the windscreen wiper reservoir and the toilet, something that led to a huge economy for the firm not only when we talk about obtaining H2O but also in general maintenance and more comfort for the passengers, as there are less stops when travelling, which also means that you arrive earlier to your destination:

    The investment per vehicle to do all these things? R$ 16, a thing that in US$ translates by today’s exchange in less than five bucks, comprehending the pipes used to take water from the A/C to the reservoir and the toilet tank. The result of all this? More than 1.5 million liters (more than 395 thousand gallons) per month that don’t need to come from the network.

  • Pretty cool idea. As mentioned by the inventor, it can be useful in many situations, though not everyone might see the need, for that it can be sold as an option – mostly in 4x4s, work vehicles, police cars, etc.

  • aaronbbrown

    What a brilliant idea. Also a very handy thing to have on your vehicle when you’re in the middle of nowhere and have no source of potable water.

  • Drifter

    They don’t want their customers to die of thirst while waiting for that tow truck after they break down.

  • PeterBelles

    Filter the antifreeze and drink that too.

  • Jay


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