Infiniti Prices The Q60 Red Sport 400 At $51,300 In The US

Infiniti recently announced pricing for the 2017 Q60 Red Sport Coupe, a version that also includes large sport brakes, sport-tuned Digital Dynamic Suspension and unique 19″ alloys.

The Q60 Red Sport 400 is set to join other 2017 Infiniti Q60 models in showrooms this month, with prices starting at $51,300 for the rear wheel drive version and $53,300 for the AWD model.

The Q60 Red Sport 400 features a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 with twin water-to-air charge coolers, two water pumps, optical turbo speed sensor and a 14.7 psi turbo boost. It churns out 400 HP (405 PS) and 350 lb-ft (474 Nm) of torque.

“The new Q60 Red Sport 400 has more horsepower than we’ve ever put in any Infiniti sports coupe and will hold a strong position against its competitors with a significant power advantage,” said Randy Parker, VP of Infiniti Americas. “And, with its unmistakable styling and next-generation ride and handling technologies, we expect the all-new Q60 to continue the brand’s legacy of advancing the sports coupe segment.”

Aside from its large brakes and sport suspension, the Q60 Red Sport 400 also features semi-aniline leather-appointed sport seats, aluminum-accented pedals and paddle shifters, exclusive Red Sport 400 exhaust tips, unique 19″ alloys (staggered for RWD models) and chrome-finished red ‘S’ exterior badging on the trunk and front fenders.


  • 59soni

    Introduce the Z35 already!

  • 2Morrow

    A little much.

  • Artur Kirakosyan

    Infiniti needs to realize that all this power they are adding to their cars only attracts younger crowd who can’t even afford the car itself and that has been one of their issues that they don’t ever wanna face it. If they wanna get close to selling as much cars as what Mercedes, BMW and Lexus is doing, they need to open their eyes and concentrate on people who can afford their cars.

    • Ken Lyns

      So basically build more SUVs?

    • gregory cassanova

      Yes but the younger crowd they they attract will be the future buyers of tomorrow

      • Trackhacker

        Future buyers of tomorrow will live in poverty with all jobs being replaced with robots.

    • U8INIT

      I totally fundamentally disagree with your comment… MB is selling plenty AMG’s and BMW’s M cars…so to say that only the “young crowd” likes power makes no sense…so…

      • Artur Kirakosyan

        are you really comparing Mercedes with Infiniti???? look at this numbers from last month.
        Lexus USA: 30,938 units sold
        Mercedes USA: 28,404 units sold
        BMW USA: 25,531 units sold
        Audi USA: 18,794 units sold
        do you know where Infiniti is? no where close…. and my point was, if as an automaker you wanna sell cars then concentrate on a crowd who can afford your cars…. and don’t forget what everyone was saying about Lexus 6 years ago (old people car).. and look where they at now…

        • U8INIT

          Infiniti USA 11,700 units sold I wouldn’t say “no where near close” because Infiniti doesn’t have as many vehicles as these other companies…We are talking about a company that’s selling 8 vehicles meanwhile MB sells approx 25 (not counting the different variations). You don’t compete where you don’t compare. I don’t think they want to become everything to everybody; on top of the fact they’ve been somewhat of a stepchild to Nissan/Renault. And you brought the comparison of them to MB…so

    • Status

      You act like there aren’t younger people who can’t afford such a car.

  • xDRAN0x

    Who in their right mind will buy a car without sound, proper transmission and feels?

    • An Existing Person

      Ask Tesla owners, they seem to be buying them.

  • SteersUright

    $50k+ for this weird looking heavy coupe that makes less power than a cheaper V8 Mustang or Camaro? I just don’t see how crap like this will rescue Infiniti which, like Acura, hasn’t had a clear identity or direction for some time. Design issues for this car include a rear roofline that tapers abruptly and too shortly into the rear trunk making the rear end look massive and out of proportion with the rest of the car. Also, the excess of curves and lines make it look heavy and bloated rather then lean and athletic. Finally, the interior carry over from the Q50 sedan strikes as just lazy, uninspired, and already looks outdated.

    • Trackhacker

      Yeah Acura & Infinti have not been doing so well. Recently i went into Acura and sat in the cars and I couldn’t even tell why I was paying a premium over an Accord. The sales man told me it’s for the technology. I told him I don’t use that crap and it just brakes quicker. Surprisingly he agreed haha.

  • Nordschleife

    I find it hard to take this car seriously especially at this price when it doesn’t even offer an electronic parking brake, Apple CarPlay/Andrioid auto or cooled seats. The damn Camaro offers all that plus more power for a little less.

    • BlackPegasus

      This is embarrassing.

  • Trackhacker

    Another car that will flop. Too expensive, too heavy, no proper 6 speed manual. For mainstream consumers they will look at it and think…not 4 door/suv/cross over and not good on gas.

    • Status

      Why would anyone in this segment want a 6 speed manual? If anything, having a CVT is a plus for this car. Manuals simply make the car perform worse, and in a luxury sports coupe, the last thing needed is something that make the car slower.

      • getoffme

        CVT? lmaoooooo

        • Status

          And you think you a six speed can do it faster and precisely. Even the worst DSG outguns a manual.

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