Lamborghini Announces Carbon Fiber Collaboration With Mitsubishi-Owned Company

Lamborghini has announced a partnership with Mitsubishi Rayon at an industry event in Japan.

Mitsubishi Rayon, the Japanese textile company owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, is the country’s largest acrylic fiber maker and a key contributor to Japan’s staggering carbon fiber production.

The partnership with Lamborghini will aid in the research and development for large scale production of both carbon fiber panels and vehicle shells, reports Car Advice.

The Italian automaker’s commitment to carbon fiber is nothing new, it’s been using the lightweight material for about 30 years. Currently, the marque offers ‘regular’ carbon as well as its forged carbon composite, found in the Centenario and a selection of optional parts for both the Aventador and Huracan.

Rather than traditional carbon fiber made up of sheets of materials, forged carbon composite simply uses a paste of carbon fibers which can be moulded into a wide array of shapes. With its collaboration with Mitsubishi Rayon, the automaker will continue its carbon fiber obsession.

According to the firm’s board member for research and development, Maurizio Reggiani, “By continuing to develop our patented Forged Composite materials, we are able to create a product that can enhance Lamborghini super sports cars in both their performance and their appearance.”