Lamborghini Diablo Goes Back To The Future With A 21st Century Makeover

Along with the McLaren F1, the Lamborghini Diablo is in most gear heads’ top three supercars of the ’90s.

Produced before Audi took over and updated shortly after, the senior machine has underwent through yet another visual interpretation, one that brings more modern bits and pieces taken from newer Lamborghinis and combined into a rendering that has been posted by YasidDesign.

The Murcielago SV has served as a basis for this tweaked Diablo, adding its front apron and fixed rear wing, but the newer Aventador hasn’t been left aside either, as it provides the necessary wheels and side details.

Lamborghini Diablo revised with a newer kit/facelift inspired from the Murcielago SV and some Aventador lines for the side, while keeping the initial design/lines of the Diablo. Newer Aventador wheels and Murcielago SV wing. Could not be happier about the outcome!”, the man behind this virtual project said, who came up with similar ideas for the Miura and Countach in the past.

As for his next assignment, he will take on the Lamborghini LM002, aka the Rambo Lambo. That should be interesting…



    Can be REAL!

  • europeon

    Seriously, stop trying so hard to make all 14 year old random kids and noob photoshoppers famous.

    People that make it in the car industry either have native talent for this or go to designs schools, either way, you don’t see them making stupid FB posts like this. When Bertone designed the Diablo, it was refined down to the last crease, you can’t run it over with a bulldozer and say you improved it or made it look more modern.

    There are so many things wrong with this abomination, I don’t even know why I bother writing this… for startes you can’t make sharp lines on a design that’s curvy… It’s like the bottom half belongs to some other car, with a complete different style language and purpose… and those rims that don’t fit with anything else… jeez, I don’t even.

    I have nothing against paying homage to automotive icons like this, modifying or improving them, but as a car site, you should really make a selection, and not encourage people like that Cecilia who “restored” that famous fresco.

    • Nick


    • donald seymour

      I think it is a honest effort and should be given much respect. This is just my opinion. I actually like it and wouldn’t mind building it.

      • europeon

        Just because there was some effort, doesn’t mean you have to respect it. I’m sure Cecilia put a lot of effort in “restoring” the fresco, and I can find a million other examples where “effort” was put into things that turned out horrible.
        This PC ideology is wrong, and nothing good will come out of it. There was a myriad of so called “artists” with dubious renderings that were presented throughout the time on this site, and I don’t think I can remember more than one or two renderings that were made by people that understood engineering and design principles. It’s just like the fridge door, where you can put your sub-mediocre child’s doodling, and make your child think he’s the greatest artist of all times, giving false hopes, till your child will face the cruel world.


        • LOVE FORCE ONE

          it’s no PC ideology – it is money ideology. The more posts carscoops makes the more ad revenue they get. The more photoshops bullshit “artists” the bigger chance some saudi sheikh will pay them.
          there are no hippies no more – no one cares for truth in art

    • Michael

      Yasid is hardly a 14 year old kid with photoshop. He’s a highly respected 29 year old designer out of the UK with nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram. I have followed his work for years. I don’t love everything he makes, but I respect it all. Especially as a designer myself who has used Photoshop professionally since v.2.5, I have to admire his skill and talent.
      Even if I don’t love/like something he posts, I don’t feel the need to try to tear him down to make me feel better about myself.
      For those that are curious about his work, here’s his page on Instagram. CS really should have offered a link in the story.
      I bet there is something there that will make you re-think your comments as juvenile as your characterization of him.

      -May you always be able to burn rubber.

      • europeon

        You completely missed the point. Photoshop is a tool, it’s irrelevant what tool people use, the final product is what it matters.

    • rodriguez256

      Give them thier credit. They create some beautiful automotive artwork. It’s sleepsome that they can produce vehicles that I can only visualize in my head since I don’t have thier skills. Showing thier talent can also lead to other job offers. Most car companies these days use photoshop for thier press pictures. Just simply move along if these types of works annoy you.

  • Astonman

    I like it. I enjoy these concepts on these pages. Not all are hits but ideas are brought out to evaluate and enjoyed.

  • madchilli

    I’d say it’s the best looking car they ever made. Stick an Aventador engine in it and you’ll have the best looking car in the world.

  • rodriguez256

    My first car poster was of a Lamborgini Diable VT in purple. So it’s nice to see it updated like this. Very cool look. I’d love to see what they could do with the interior.

  • lapirk

    Way to ruin a classic. The diablo and prolly the murci are the last of the good looking Lambos. The aventador looks like it was created using geometric software

  • Sjaak

    The very original Diablo was designed by the all time great Marcello Gandini. His design was tweaked by Chryler, the owner of Lamborghini in those days. Mr. Yasid´s try is another one to tweak it a bit to his personal taste. Whatever you think about it. Its just his hobby of giving cars this treatment. And he has done a lot, look at the internet. In my opinion this Lambo is not his best attempt. Just a flaw nose job that does not really fit with the rest of the car and some things done to the sides, Please dear readers, take a look at the Diablo GT then you know what i mean. We must regret that houses like Bertone, Pininfarina, where real automotive design talents grew up, died.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This looks like a Pegassi Infernus.

  • some kid has been playing about with photoshop, lets report it as news.

  • Nordschleife

    I don’t understand why people have a problem with rendering. They probably thought and executed something that most people may never have thought of. Carscoops is also providing a means to allow their work to be seen. They are rendering cars, it’s not like they are rendering TVs or medical equipment. And the renderings are not like a five-year-old kid drawings. Everyday is not an amazing news day and it sad that people always have complaints because a website wants to promote artists who are drawing cars.

    • europeon

      The problem is with the bad and tacky work they chose to promote, not with renderings and art in general. Promoting bad artists kinda validates them, making them thing they’re actually good and not the pos most of them are. As I said before, people either work really hard or have a native talent for this. Look closer at this one and tell me where is the design language, where is the flow in the lines? It is just the bottom angular part of a modern Lambo copy-pasted on an old Lambo. It doesn’t fit, it’s tacky, tasteless, and sacrilegious in the end. That’s why it shouldn’t be promoted.

      • Nordschleife

        I get it and I respect your opinion but it is just that. It’s numerous things on Carscoops that I don’t like but since they are all car related then I just see it and move on. Just because some of you feel that this person’s talent is not up to par doesn’t mean I or other people (Carscoops included) don’t disagree. Carscoops clearly feels it’s relevance in his work and who am I to judge. I know I can’t do better, maybe you can and if that is so then submit your work.

  • surfshop

    Nope, do do it

  • zonk

    make IT !

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