Spofec Tunes Rolls-Royce Dawn Up To 686 HP

Want a custom Rolls-Royce Dawn? The manufacturer’s own Bespoke division can hook you up. But for those seeking more, Spofec has come out with a series of its own enhancements.

Novitec’s sister brand hasn’t just painted the Dawn an unusual color or encrusted the dashboard with jewels. Instead it has made actual mechanical modifications which start under the hood.

Where the Dawn comes stock with 563 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque, Spofec has increased the output from the 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 to 686 hp and 723 lb-ft. That’s more than enough by both counts to out-muscle the Bentley Continental GTC Speed and the Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabrio (though falling just under the latter’s torque) – both of which also pack highly potent, twin-turbo, twelve-cylinder engines displacing in excess of six liters.

While it was at it, the tuner dropped the suspension, replaced the exhaust, and fitted 22-inch wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, and more aggressive bodywork. That includes a new front bumper, rocker panels and rear lip spoiler. And there are plenty of interior customization options available as well.

The bottom line in terms of performance is that the Spofec-tuned Rolls-Royce cabrio will hit 62mph (100km/h) in just 4.6 seconds instead of 4.9 stock. Top speed remains electronically limited to 155 miles per hour (250km/h), but the overall transformation makes the decidedly elegant convertible a bit more athletic.

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