Honda’s JDM Step WGN Minivan Gets Sportier In Modulo X Spec

The minivan may be a dying breed in America, steadily ceding ground to the ubiquitous crossover. But the people-haulers are alive and well in Japan (despite the island nation’s plummeting birth rate), where Honda offers models like the Step WGN, which it has now released in full in the sportier guise you see here following the preview from the beginning of last month.

The third model in Honda’s domestic Modulo X line follows the N-Box and N-One models with a more aggressive demeanor. As you might have discerned from looking at it, the van packs a new aero kit, including a new front bumper and rear diffuser, along with a new hood, grille and headlights.

The suspension has also been dropped by more than half an inch and fitted to unique alloys. And the interior has been redone with special upholstery, leather controls, nine-inch nav screen, and more. The engine carries over as a 1.5-liter turbo with VTEC, mated to a continuously variable transmission driving the front wheels. That’s not a very big engine, but then the Step WGN is a good foot shorter and smaller all around than the Odyssey we get in America.

Pricing starts at 3,665,000 yen (or about $35k), with the only choice apparently coming down to one of three color options: black, white, or purple.

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