Porsche Offers Rare Glimpse Into Its Museum Warehouse

Visiting the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is a bucket-list item for any fan of the German automaker, with vehicles on display from the company’s 85 years of history on both road and track. But some of the most enticing vehicles the museum holds are not on display, squirreled away in its archives instead.

Gaining access to the warehouse is a rare opportunity, but Porsche has been so kind to give us a glimpse into its collection via the brand’s Facebook page.

Look closely through these ten photos and you’ll see such wonders as a early 959 prototype, a smattering of amped-up 911s from Weissach, a single-seat 911 Speedster, a cutaway from a modern 911, an original VW Beetle (designed of course by Ferdinand Porsche), and a rare Porsche-engined BMW motorcycle.

There’s a couple of rare grand prix cars from the company’s brief foray into Formula One in the late 1950s and early ’60s, the body shell for a Le Mans prototype, a stack of 924 GTS racers, and some close-ups of a modern 911 GT3 Cup racer, complete with Martini Racing stripes.

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of for the legions of Porsche faithful, and an opportunity any of us would be overjoyed to experience. Since few if any of us ever will, though, you can spark your imagination perusing through the images below.

Photo Gallery

  • Mafio

    I starting to fall in love with Porsche. I blame the automotive media….

  • TheHake

    It would be a dream to see the warehouse!

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