McLaren Confirms Exclusive Three-Seat Hyper-GT To Launch In 2019

There are lots of things you could call a McLaren, but “common” is not one of them. Yet even in such rarified territory, some McLarens are more exclusive than others. Like this latest project being undertaken by the company’s Special Operations division.

Billed as a “hyper-GT” due to its touring temperament, the project is set to take at least one vital cue from the legendary McLaren F1. That much you can glean from the project’s codename BP23.

Shorthand for Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats, BP23 is being designed around a three-seat cabin, with a central driving position flanked by two passenger seats – just like the company’s legendary original supercar.

To enable ease of access, the exclusive exotic will also feature powered doors for the first time in one of Woking’s products, extending deep into the roof. Like the sold-out McLaren P1, it’s also set to incorporate a hybrid powertrain, and “shrink-wrapped” carbon-fiber bodywork.

The British automaker isn’t disclosing much more in the way of details at this point, except to say that it will only make 106 examples, all of which have already been spoken for. The first deliveries are slated to commence early in 2019, so we’ve got some time to wait before we get to see what the finished product looks like, but we’ll be watching.