Next Mazda RX Model Will Only Get A Rotary Engine

Although Mazda has yet to officially confirm a new RX-badged model, the firm says that if it comes to fruition, it will only arrive with a rotary engine.

While speaking with Wards Auto during a Q&A in Las Vegas, Russell Wager, vice president-marketing at Mazda North American Operations, said any potential new RX model will rely on rotary power, despite these engines being notoriously hungry on fuel.

“That concept car [RX Vision] shows RX in the title. Every time we’ve used that in the past, it means rotary engine. I hope that’s the case this time. “That car wouldn’t come to market unless it has a rotary engine. That’s what they are working on.” 

A few months ago, Mazda revealed that an engineering team has been working on an improved rotary engine for the past eight years in an attempt to find a breakthrough.

While it’s not yet known if such a breakthrough has been made, the latest reports indicate that the new model, potentially dubbed the RX-9, will arrive in 2020.


  • Six_Tymes

    Stop teasing us Mazda, we don’t believe you anymore. in all seriousness, ill hold a little hope, but 2020 is a long way off, plus you know it wont happen until 2022, if ever.

    • Luis

      Its no so much Mazda but bloggers, editorials, writers They just make this stuff up at times.. These articles just bounce from one site to the next.

      • Jean-Luc_de_Lemur

        Yes, this—this rumor’s taken a new life online. The big tell is calling it the RX-9—Moro’s mocked the name as implying a rotary sports car would have six doors (I’d link to the interview but can’t find it because it’s buried under all the rumors in google search results). Or they over-read stuff. We know that:

        1. Mazda made the RX-Vision as a show car/styling exercise.

        2. Mazda has a rotary development team as sort of a long-shot project and means of keeping a unique set of engineering knowledge alive.

        3. Mazda will only sell a new RX-7 if they’re confident they can sell a lot of them profitably, i.e. it needs to be competitive among people who aren’t internet rotary enthusiasts (so any new rotary has to clear high bar for fuel economy and reliability).

        Neither of those facts lends themselves to a rotary-engined sports car anytime soon, certainly not a some low-volume/high price 400 hp halo modl. Mazda’s current “halo” is the modest MX-5, which has the advantage of being reasonably priced and, for a sports car, high volume. Similarly, I’d guess if there were to be an RX-7 it would be something offering 4C or Cayman performance at a lower price point, along the lines of the original RX-7 and the 928.

        But that’s all moot given that the sports car market overall seems to be in decline, Mazda chose to develop the CX-4 over a new Mazdaspeed3, they’re giving most of their resources to improving their piston engines, and actual statements from Mazda people tend to be fairly circumscribed, I’m really tired of “journo asks Mazda exec about RX, Mazda exec says ‘We’d like to, but probably no’” cycle (though I guess I’m part of the problem since I clicked on this).

        • Luis

          Thanks for response. You mentioned something very important. That is Mazda has to be careful w these internet people who say build it ill buy that Or as you said internet rotary fans. Most of these people are just talk and have 0 intentions or the means to make a actual purchase. Having said that i dont have the means but im careful w my comments as i would hate my fav car manuf to build a car based partly based on comments or artificial demand created for it knowing that 8 out 10 people online are just BS’ing.

          • Kenneth

            “…knowing that 2 out 10 people online are just BS’ing.”

            Just 2 out of 10? I think you’re being generous, sir. I’d say it’s more like 8 out of 10, while most of the ones “with the means” aren’t spending/wasting their time online (like us), commenting about cars that might, or might not, be produced some day.

          • Luis

            Haha..I got that wrong it was late when i posted that comment.

  • Astonman

    Don’t see how they’ll keep that hood long for such a small engine. Damn sexy car.

    • Dennis James

      Well, the car has to be a certain length, so what do you prefer: long hood, long cabin or long trunk ? 🙂

      • Astonman

        I like a long hood like on the AMG GTS, but it has a V8 to fill that bonnet. This Mazda engine will be half that size. I can’t see them having that much crush room. Basically I’m saying I love the proportions of this car but they will cut down the front length based on the the engine size and change its aesthetics greatly.

  • Dave Brer

    it betyter be a 4 rotor

  • tkindred

    I’m guessing if the RX-7 has to have a rotary engine it will never come to market.

  • Mike Finbow

    Please no! After decades of first class cars compromised but the rotary engine, why oh why do it again? I love the concept of the rotary engine, but history shows us that this blights the car with cataclysmic depreciation, unpredictable reliability, high servicing requirements and all in return for extremely average performance. When they had the 2.4 turbo in vehicles like the 3 MPS, why couldn’t they find a way to (probably) improve sales success and customer experience but using it? The new car looks amazing, let’s using an engine solution that compliments it.

  • Blanka Li

    Oh look —-> There’s a dead horse. Let’s go beat it.

    • Eythan Aldrich

      what? your comment is not related to the topic….take it somewhere else

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