Pick Your Favorite Brabus Fine Leather Interior

With more than 3,500 colors and millions of combinations at your disposal, choosing a fine leather interior for your Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz should be a real treat.

Besides, what better way to immerse yourself in such an experience than by checking out a bunch of S-Class, SL, GLE and G-Wagen cabins, each of them spec’d differently in terms of colors, materials and inserts.

As far as we can tell though, almost all these designs are a bit on the “luxury side”, which is fine, unless you’re the type of person who’s looking for a more sporty interior for your ultra-quick Brabus car.

Also, if you were to compare the S-Class interior with that of say, the G-Class, it seems that regardless of how well you dress up the latter, there’s no disputing which model is the true king of luxury – which makes sense since one’s a limo and the other is utilitarian in both looks as well as purpose, even more so than other premium SUVs.

Be sure to let us know which one of these interiors is your favorite.


  • Akira

    Most of these are making my eyes bleed.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Goddamn, these are loud and proud!

  • Dustin

    It’s not great, but it’s fine.

  • pcurve

    I like the bathroom tile one. lol

  • Zandit75

    Number 12 & 16, only because they are closer to “normal”

  • Grumpy

    That all blue one is crap.

  • I was pretty indifferent to Brabus, but now it is slowly turning into disgust.

    Respect for tuning but, the less visible Brabus bits on a Mercedes, the better, inside and outside.

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