New 2018 VW Tiguan Allspace With 7 Seats Teased Ahead Of Detroit

Instead of getting ready for the winter holidays, Volkswagen is prepping their debuts for the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), in Detroit.

Set to open its gates on January 9 for the press, the Detroit show will see the world debut of a brand new Tiguan model, which uses an 11 cm (4.3 in) longer wheelbase to provide a roomier interior and seating for up to seven passengers.

In North America as well as in China, it will be known simply as the Volkswagen Tiguan, but in the European market, the Germans will add the ‘Allspace’ designation, to set it apart from the standard wheelbase, five-seater version, and to emphasize its “attractive range of equipment features”, as the company explains.

Additional details on the SUV have yet to be released, but expect the powertrain lineup of the regular Tiguan to make its way into the long wheelbase variant, along with a possible hybrid model. However, it’s unlikely that any diesels will be launched in the United States, after the cheating emissions scandal.


VW Tiguan Allspace Prototypes

  • Matthijs

    Dull car, dull name..

    • salamOOn

      …but r-line version (shorter 5 seater) looks pretty good.

    • none

      That’s exactly why they sell millions of these. It’s what most people are looking for when buying a new car.
      don’t want impractical bombastic design-monsters which are totally out of
      fashion within a year, they want practical and useful cars which look
      like cars, a neutral design, cars that blend in and which don’t draw
      much attention to them.
      Those who say a well designed and practical
      car like this looks dull are most likely dull kids who still have a
      number of years until they can get their drivers license and already
      feel they need to surround themselves with spectacular-looking items to
      get any attention at all.

      • Astonman

        Maybe in China and Europe but here in the States, they’re around 500K. I agree with Matthijs – it’s a boring design and I’m old:) Their designs reminds me of the Malibus of 3 generations ago where the design was so bland that it blended into the background. Chevy knew this and even made fun of themselves in commercials when they replaced it. I love the art rendering above – if it was built, it would have been an average-man’s Evoque fighter. You look at the drawing and look at the final production and what could have been… Their designs are not offensive but they don’t instill passion. And if I’m going to drop 40K or more – I want some passion.

    • TheHake

      The new Tiguan is a REALLY good looking car.

  • Gerald Michael

    Why tease with a drawing when photos of the real thing have been on the internet for months? Doesn’t anyone at VW ever go online? And VW should offer the SWB Tiguan in the US as well. Or is anyone at VW not paying attention as well?

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Those concept drawings are the sexiest it’s going to get.

    • Miknik

      I really see no point oin drawing that are showing detailing of the car with however totally different and way more dramatic proportions. The drawings look goiod, the picrtures are the usual level of dull. Smaller wheels, narrower, FWD proportions make all the difference….

      • Tumbi Mtika

        I agree. You do have some typos in your comment, though.

        • Miknik

          My bad. Fingers quicker than the brain 😉

  • ram

    Can there be anything more dull and boring than VW products? It looks like a restyled old soviet made SUV with some fancy LEDs and bigger wheels. Hope they are not going to push with the stinky and dirty TDIs again.
    And I would personally never buy any product from a company which has tried so hard to cheat their customers worldwide and US regulators with their crap TDIs.

  • Heisenberg

    Ha-ha! Tire kickers!

  • Heisenberg

    Ha-ha! Tire kickers!