New Ford Fiesta (Probably) Won’t Come To The USA

The new Ford Fiesta’s future might not include visiting the US market, at least not in its European form.

The new generation of the popular supermini might skip the US market, as Ford doesn’t believe that there is going to be enough demand to justify the costs, as we learned from a source with knowledge of the matter on the side-lines of the official reveal in Cologne, Germany.

Instead, the company will likely shift its focus on its crossover offerings, with models like the EcoSport small SUV to play the role of the baby Ford in the US range. The market trend certainly helps Ford make a case for it, as more and more customers shift away from traditional models like compacts, sedans and wagons for the sake of crossovers.

We reached out to Ford for a comment on both sides of the Atlantic:

 “The next-generation Fiesta is introduced for Europe and Middle East and Africa. We’ll have more to say about other markets at a later date”, a Ford source from the UK told Carscoops.

A Ford North American spokesperson commented on the same tone: “We were talking about the new Fiesta for Europe and MEA yesterday. We’ll have more to say about other markets at a later date.

Both departments neither confirmed nor denied the report, but we should expect an official announcement some time next year.

Ford presented the new Fiesta yesterday in front of the European press at their German plant. Scheduled to go on sale in Europe from mid-2017, the new Fiesta is based on an updated version of the existing model’s platform and features one of the most impressive ranges of driver assistance systems in its class.

The new Fiesta will be offered in the high-spec Titanium, the sporty ST-Line, the luxurious Vignale and -for the first time- the Active soft-roader. In fact the Fiesta Active is the first model of the Active family of models Ford is planning for the future, including a Focus version as well. As for the hot ST version, Ford will keep on sale the current Fiesta ST up until 2018, when the new model is expected to be revealed.

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  • Six_Tymes

    looks very good

  • MarketAndChurch

    I guess we have Donald Trump to thank for that.

  • Ilbirs×673.jpg

    For now we can’t affirm that the Mk7 Fiesta won’t come to U.S., as even other markets where it’s waited aren’t said for now. There’s no word for U.S., but also not for Brazil, where the Mk6 is also sold, not to mention other markets where the previous-gen is available.
    We must remember that in the Americas and also other markets like the rest of Asia, the Fiesta has more bodies available than in Europe and its hatchback-only policy for this model. Remember that the Mk6 sedan was initially released in China and after this it started being built in Mexico alongside the hatchback and both variants being Ford’s smallest rides that someone in the north of the Bravo river could buy.
    The EcoSport that now is being released in U.S. is the restyled spec of the Mk2 being sourced from India, one of the places in the world where it’s built. As it arrives in a moment when the small SUV craze hit the States before Ford offered it, unlike other places where the Eco was being sold and its Mk1 incarnation is one of the biggest responsibles for this hype, we can assume that Ford is aware that it won’t be competitive against Encore, Trax, HR-V, Renegade and CX-3, but this period serves as a testbed of what the Mk3 should have to be a hit in the land of the free.

    We must also remember that the Mk7 Fiesta kept the same B global platform of the Mk6, being an evolutionary approach. As the B global is being produced in Mexico for some years, it wouldn’t be a problem for Ford to replace it in North America and other places where the Mexican-built one is sold. OK, it’s also not that problem for Ford to build the Eco in the same plant, but it’s way more rational to wait for the Mk3 instead of building a Mk2 in its mid-cycle.

  • matrem

    I see them everywhere. Find it hard to believe it’s not a financially viable prospect in the states.

    • Carguru95

      I agree. We have to keep in mind that whenever Ford unveils a global product (in Europe first), the US doesn’t get it for a couple years after. This was the case with the Fiesta, EcoSport, Transit, and Focus ST and RS. Ford has a One Global policy, but vehicles coming from Europe have to be adjusted for our market.
      So the Fiesta we’ll be getting won’t be arriving at least until 2018. Guarantee we’ll get the ST Line and the Titanium (S,SE and SEL of course), but models like Vignale and Active are definitely not our cup of tea.

  • Mind Synthetic

    thank you fatties

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • dhoosee

    Ford would be absolutely foolish NOT to bring the Fiesta hatch and ST to the states. Current line here is nice to look at but has a lousy, cheap, and dated interior. The sedan is also ugly and a total waste of time to bring here IMO.

    Give North America the hatch and the ST with an option for a three-door hatch configuration, and it will easily hit its numbers.

    I can’t believe that Ford would not send the Fiesta to the states at all. Screw those ridiculous crossovers and SUV’s; our market is already flooded with them.

  • smartacus

    They need to fire CEO Mark Finkelman Fields.
    How could he allow this car to stay out of the USA?

    He is the architect of FORD’s “The Way Forward” plan which reduced 30,000 factory jobs, 6,000 White-Collar jobs, divested Aston Martin, Land Rover, Jaguar, and the partnership with Mazda.

    He is only good for “managed descent” airplane crash soft landings
    What they need is a positive forward thinking growth specialist.

  • Quick Draw McGraw

    Ho hum, yet another example of Ford giving their newest best products to everywhere BUT the USA. Meanwhile, they’ve put all their money into trucks and SUVs, just like the 1990s. Their whole car lineup is already very dated, and it is going to become even more so for the next decade or so as no one buys cars. Then when gas goes high again, Ford will start caring about cars again. Same cycle, different year.

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