UK Road Rage Incident With Angry Driver & Vigilante Rider

The problem with trying to distribute your brand of justice in traffic is that you’ll often come across people who don’t take kindly to someone else telling them what to do, regardless if you’re right or not.

Our rider here experiences such a scenario after he revved his engine right next to a motorist who was using his phone in traffic. Safe to say, the guy in the Qashqai didn’t react well and, as far as we can tell, started auditioning for a part in a Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels-type of movie.

Unfortunately for the rider, things escalated to the point he had to find an escape route in order to get away. Here’s basically what happened next, in his own words:

“He threw something at me, threatened to ‘open me up’. Cut in front of me and then proceeded to follow me, I ducked down an alley as I didn’t know what he had in the car and have previously had a bloke run after me with a pipe (not fun). Took a few other short cuts so he couldn’t block me off only to see him drive past swearing through the window. He stopped further down the road expecting me to go in that direction.”

In the end, the motorcycle rider did everything he could to avoid another confrontation, and that’s definitely the right thing to do once you find yourself in such a situation.


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