DMC’s Bentley Bentayga Gigante Packs An Extra 100 Horses [w/Video]

The market for luxury crossovers keeps edging ever northwards, and Bentley is doing its part with the Bentayga. It’ll do even more as additional trim levels and engine specs are added, but in the meantime, buyers of the high-end high-rider can look to the aftermarket.

We’ve already seen the likes of Mansory and Startech do their thing with the big Bentley, and now it’s DMC’s turn. The German tuner has added all manner of upgrades to create what it calls the “Gigante.”

The list of modifications starts, as is often the case, with the wheels: DMC offers forged alloys for the Bentayga ranging from 22 to 24 inches. It’s also offering carbon-fiber trim for the hood, rocker panels, and tailgate, as well as a carbon-fiber steering wheel (among other interior enhancements).

DMC didn’t restrict itself to the vehicle’s appearance, however. Between the reprogramming of the ECU and the fitment of a new exhaust, the tuner says it has extracted nearly 100 more horses and over 100 more torques from the 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine, raising output from 600 hp to 692 and from 664 lb-ft up to 778.

That’s about as much as Bentley itself extracted from the same engine for the Continental Supersports, and DMC claims it’s enough to raise the big beast’s top speed from an already headline-grabbing 187 miles per hour to 194. Check it out in the image gallery and video clip below.

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