New McLaren P14 Aka 720S To Be Shown To Prospective Buyers In NY And LA Next Month

McLaren will reportedly show their new Super Series model codenamed P14 to a few select customers in February, ahead of the official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

As we were informed by one of our readers (thanks Zaid!) and confirmed on the McLarenlife forums where prospective buyers discussed their invitations to the company’s special events, the customer-presentations will take place in New York and Los Angeles in mid-February.

The practice of showing a new model to your clients before its public debut is not exactly new, as Ferrari is known to been doing it for some years now, but McLaren is keen on rewarding its clientele which after all has grown immensely over the past few years.

From what we understand from the forum discussions, dealers of the British supercar maker have invited some of their clients, including of course those who have already placed a deposit for the new P14 which will allegedly go by the 720S nameplate.

The new McLaren will be the first one to use the second-gen Monocage II carbon tub in its core. The company says that the new carbon chassis allows an even lower centre of gravity, compared to the current 650S, and offers a wider cabin entrance with lower sills.

The only official figure we’ve got so far is a dry weight figure of 1,283kg (2,828lbs) which is 18kg (40lbs) less than a 650S with “comparable specification”. Reports suggest that the new 720S will be powered by a heavily reworked version of the brand’s twin-turbo V8, measuring now 4.0lt in capacity and producing around 710hp (720PS), hence the name 720S.

The same report says that the new supercar will feature a special “track” mode in the same fashion with the P1. When enabled, sections of the dashboard will physically lower to help the driver focus more on his driving.

But the real party trick is going to be about its radical aero agenda, with leaked images showcasing a mid-engined car without any side air-intakes, leading us to believe that McLaren is going to feed the twin-turbo V8 with air either from the underside alone or from combining intakes from under and over the engine. Feeling excited yet? Yes, us too.

Renderings via Mark Antar & DriveTribe


  • Rick Alexander

    Really impressed with the design direction that McLaren is going with. This new look is much more refined and exotic IMO. Now show us some pics of the back dammit!

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    It doesn’t look good in white but it looks nice in that electric blue color but it looks wicked in black.

  • Bash

    sections of the dashboard will physically lower……..
    I wanna see that!! is there a video or YouTube or something?

  • Ermal Morina

    Is Zaid Hamid,isn’t it?

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