Nissan’s Vmotion 2.0 Study Looks Even More Impressive In Person

Nissan has taken all of the design elements that defy it as a brand, mixed them in a big bowl with plenty of steroids, and named the result the Vmotion 2.0.

It’s a concept sports sedan that broke cover earlier today in Detroit, and it’s said to be showcasing the evolution of Nissan’s design language, along with its aspirations for autonomous vehicles.

Its shape speaks for itself, basically, with the entire front dominated by a new interpretation of the brand’s V-motion grille, flanked by more slender headlights and wide air intakes. The fluid and muscular lines continue on the sides and end right where the slim taillights begin, making room for a rather clean rear end, compared to the rest of the body.

The cabin has a minimalist design, with the dashboard highlighted by a large screen, a knob that lets users control the air conditioning, and an engine push-button start that sits in a rather unexpected position. Other elements worth noting is the steering wheel with a flat top, the seats that feature an unusual pattern, the wood and leather trims that are present throughout the interior, and the double-glass roof that creates the illusion of having more space.

The fact that it has a similar footprint to the Altima has given birth to a speculation that we might be looking at a possible -albeit exaggerated- preview of the family car, but Nissan has yet to confirm this.



  • WG

    If the production model of the Altima looks similar to this, it would be a strong competitor within its segment. At least imo, it will be better than the Camry, unless people argue about the reliability and such.

    • MultiKdizzle

      You know it won’t though…

  • smartacus

    i’m all happy for the Vomit ion
    but this has nothing to do with the balls-out impressive 188HP NISMO Sentra.
    How do they keep those front tires from roasting :p

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m kinda into the Japanese origami look. We’ll see how much of this makes the production Altima, though.

  • The Watcher

    Then makes a production car that sorta kinda looks like this but doesn’t exactly look like this at all.