Rinspeed Oasis Concept Is Detroit’s Ultimate Oddity

If there’s one thing Rinspeed is a master at, it is creating other-worldly concept cars which large automakers aren’t bringing to life. Case in point, the new Rinspeed Oasis.

Previewed late last year and showcased at the Detroit Auto Show, the Oasis offers an intriguing glimpse into the future of personal and urban mobility and has a configurable interior that can transform it for a wide range of uses.

As with many recent concepts, the Oasis is totally electric, fully-autonomous and highly-connected with other road users and the world around it. It also consists of two large seats which look more like comfortable lounge chairs than car seats as well as a sideboard, TV and a multifunction steering wheel that can be used to operate the Oasis or transformed into a circular work surface.

The Oasis also includes an augmented reality 5K widescreen dashboard and a small garden bed beneath the windscreen.