2019 Ford Focus Reveals Its Production-Spec Body

Ford’s next-generation Focus has been spied testing with its all-new body for the first time, bathed in thick black and white camouflage.

Not expected to launch until the latter half of 2018, the new Focus will follow a similar formula to the current car but in its pursuit to better rival the Volkswagen Golf, Opel/Vauxhall Astra and Renault Megane, will be bigger than ever before and adopt a more spacious interior.

Given the camouflage and body cladding of this prototype, it is hard to comment on the vehicle’s revised design. One of the only components really worth mentioning are the headlights which don’t appear all too dissimilar to the current car. At the rear, the taillights could be up for a more significant transformation as evidenced by the non-production spec ones of the tester in question.

The shape of the body beyond the rear doors is also different. The C-pillar appears to have been pushed back and the rear window is more upright.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • rover10

    I doubt it will be launched as late as posted here. A more likely date would be Detriot 2018, with Spring sales? The design is predictable, and on a similar path to that of the new Fiesta. I would expect a similar line up too, with an activity option and sporty models. The photos show an increase in size all round, and the hood does look longer than current car? Focus is a solid seller around the World, and I expect this new version will not disappoint.

    • AM

      My guess is it will be revealed in Europe before the end of 2017, and go on sale in Europe by mid-2018 followed by the US and other global markets outside Europe.

      • rover10

        You could be right about the end of the year, and sales beginning in the Spring. Ford won’t want the Focus getting in the way of the all new Fiesta, during its roll out this year.

  • Kagan

    to much overhang front

    • AM

      Should look a bit shorter without the thick camo cladding on the bumpers.

      • Kagan

        That’s correct.

        Ford retailer and ford Sweden owns me a new Mondeo.

  • When the first ever Focus came out in Europe it was a landmark vehicle compared to anything that had gone before (Escort). I’d really like to see Ford take on the Model 3 and Bolt by making the next Focus an affordable electric car for the masses. I know they already make an EV version but its not exactly earthmoving. All we seem to get each time now is a bigger car with a better interior / emissions etc. Come on, where’s the theatre and passion gone?

    • Miknik

      Well i agree how great the first Focus was – but lets not forget that by the time it was conceived, the Escort was heavily outclassed by basically everything in it’s segment, including the smaller and older stablemate Fiesta (the US Model even was just a rebodied older generation Mazda 323/Protege, at the end of it#s cycle two generations behind the Mazda). Sales were reflecting that.

      In addition to a general trend towards super evolutionary designs lately, the current Focus is a huge seller, one of the world’s best selling vehicles, so naturally Ford is on the “if it ain’t broke don’t change it” train. Granted, that got the Escort once where it ended, but until sales really start to slide, they won’t change too much. And I don’t think it will be a classic competitor that will ultimately really cause a slide in Focus sales, but the general trend towards CUVs….

      • rover10

        I guess the MK1 Focus was designed in Europe for Europe, so it was possible to stretch the design, which was a shock to most of us. Now, the nameplate is sold around the World, and manufactured in many countries, so the company is understandably more cautious these days. However, the Japanese makers held the belief to be globally successful, it was wise to create conservative looking products.

        That was then , today most Japanese car makers are designing vehicles on the extreme edge of design tastes. Gone are the bland sell anywhere products, and in has come bold individual styling. Are they right? Should Ford and others wake up and extend the visual envelope, or is it wise to step warily?

  • haudit

    This just continues the Focus’ descent into mediocrity, like the Escort before it.

  • haudit

    Bigger than ever before with a more spacious interior? That’s all well and good, but I hope they’ve done something about the terrible packaging of the load area. 316 litres is nowhere near good enough – the Seat Ibiza and Skoda Fabia both have more space for luggage, and they’re appreciably smaller cars.

  • TheBelltower

    I hope that Ford doesn’t go the conventional and boring route like they did with the upcoming Fiesta.

  • Marcos Drawer

    rear door windows are like BMW 1 series… Waiting for next spied pics…

  • Disappointing new Fiesta

    After the disappointing new Fiesta (where IMO nearly every car website produced a better rendering of what the New Fiesta may look like than the actual thing), I am NOT hopeful this new Focus will be better looking than the current Focus…
    But I hope I am wrong…

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