What Would You Name Aston Martin’s Red Bull Hybrid Hypercar?

Aston Martin will change the name of its upcoming hybrid hypercar but is remaining tight-lipped about what it’ll be called.

Speaking at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, Aston chief executive Andy Palmer said that the AM-RB 001 title currently given to the car won’t make it through to production.

The British brand currently has DB11 through to DB14 trademarked, but it seems highly unlikely the hypercar will adopt a ‘DB’ name as it is unlike any other model produced by the marque.

It is reported that during the vehicle’s initial development, it was internally known as the Nebula and to us, that’s not such a bad name for the production car, especially considering that its performance is expected to be other-worldly.

Do you have any good ideas regarding what the Aston Martin/Red Bull hypercar should be called?

Whatever the final name is, we sure hope the car includes a couple of Red Bull-sized drink holders.