Scoop: 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class To Get S-Class-esque Dual Screen Digital Display

Mercedes-Benz finally dropped some of the heavier camouflage from their 2019 A-Class prototypes and what we can see is a sleek front end, wide rear and a large dual-screen display for the interior.

In other words, it looks as though Mercedes have gone all out for this new-generation A-Class, which could have easily either kept its analog gauges or simply gone with a virtual dashboard-type of design like on certain Audi models, though it’s not certain if it will be standard on all models.

Aside from the display, it almost seems like the car has a floating dashboard design, with the console sitting clearly below the upper-dash. It might be a new design altogether, or simply something similar to the new E-Class where the console tilts up towards the air vents.

Also, there are quite a lot of buttons on that steering wheel, with pretty much an extra row on both sides compared to what we’re generally used to from Mercedes. On the right you’ve got commands for the infotainment system and on the left you have some adaptive cruise control buttons.

On the outside, we can now see the sleeker and lower front end as well as the thinner headlights – a sort of AMG GT-style design. However, despite the camo being lighter, we still can’t make out the exact shape of the taillights.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class will ride on a new version of the German automaker’s MFA platform (called MFA2), which is both lighter and better suited for alternative power units, compared to the original MFA. In terms of overall size, the A-Class will remain roughly the same as before, however it will feature a longer wheelbase in order to better accommodate rear-seat passengers.

Unlike the current model, the new A-Class will be available in two body styles, the 5-door hatchback plus a 4-door sedan for select markets and which is said to be roomier than the CLA.

As for power units, expect a range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel options, with two possible AMG-powered models in the A 40 AMG (300+ HP) and the A 45 AMG (400+ HP). A plug-in version remains a possibility, as does a three-cylinder engine that could join the lineup later on.

Rumor has it that Mercedes will debut the all-new A-Class at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with first deliveries arriving early next year.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Carson

    ” there are quite a lot of buttons on that steering wheel, with pretty
    much an extra row on both sides compared to what we’re generally used to
    from Mercedes.” Think that it has an extra row of symbols just, 2 rows of buttons with the lower row of toggle style buttons having 2 different functions for up and down.

    • Miknik

      It’s like two Opel Insignia/Ford Focus center stacks mounted on each side of the steering wheel. Seriously, moving all buttons from the center stack on to the steering wheel (and shrinking them in that process) is tiding up the cockpit in the same sense as “pushing everything below the sofa/bed/carpet” is in terms of tiding up your room….

      • Kagiso Mutlaneng

        Absolutely agree with Miknik on this one. What the E-Class got right, Mercedes seems to be losing the plot with the upcoming C F/L and A. Merc drivers are used to having things like cruise control switches etc as levers/stalks, creating this button mash up with them included in there just looks like an absolute mess!

  • Akira

    What the hell is mercedes doing? They were supposed to be the pinnacle of technology and they still make a digital dashboard that looks like a tablet glued in place of the gauges while even Peugeot does better.

    • Erzhik

      They will eventually extend the screen all way the way to the passenger side.

    • Smart, Very Smart

      MB is proactively responding and building for the inevitable future of smaller high-end vehicles. MB is staying ahead of the curve.

    • Matt

      How is having this massive digital display running across the dashboard (on their entry-level model, no less) not the pinnacle of technology?

      • Marty

        I think we learned in the 80’s that technological refinement is not measured in the number , or area, of digital displays…

      • Enter Ranting

        There’s nothing advanced about screens anymore. They’re on Coke machines now.

  • Erzhik

    That is surprising, given that even the C-class still has single screen.

    • Kash

      Wait for the C’s facelift.

  • Kash

    Well that’s smart to do considering how competitive this segment is. Now, can America get the A-Class?

    • Matt

      They already do, but it has Infiniti badges…. 😉

      • Kash

        I mean we can get one with a Merc badge as well, ala the GLA, but i’d still prefer the full fledge A45 hot hatch. I don’t want another crossover thing, i want a hot european hatch.

  • Marko Jajčinović

    Despite sitting strangely low, it seems to be wider/lower/longer than current one.

  • bxniels0

    Is that a Microsoft branded phone being tested with the car?

    • Kagiso Mutlaneng

      Great spot there!

  • Marty

    The poor car interior designers of the world!
    Being forced by marketing to include hideous touch screens into the dashboard, and obviously not having a clue about how to do it in a way that makes it look natural.

  • Vassilis


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