Dodge Challenger Hellcat Destroys Its Diff Trying To Race Tesla

Not too long ago, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats were the king of the drag strip, outpacing much more expensive sports cars and supercars.

Nowadays, it is the most potent variants of the Tesla Model S that rule the drag strip and recently, these two superpowers went toe-to-toe at a drag racing event in the U.S. It didn’t go well for the Hellcat.

The Model S P100D in question is fitted with Ludicrous Plus mode and is therefore able to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in under 2.3 seconds in perfect conditions. With its 707 hp, 6.2-liter supercharged V8, the Challenger Hellcat is no slouch but even it is no match for the Tesla.

In fact, this race was over just a couple of seconds after it started when the Dodge’s differential decided to disintegrate. By the time that happened, the Tesla was already several hundred feet down the drag strip.

Better luck next time Hellcat.


  • High-Powered Turd

    FCA can’t engineer cars.

    • SteersUright

      Much as would normally agree, the more I research any car, the more I’m learning all performance cars have issues.
      A couple of examples:
      911: bore scoring & IMS seals in older models
      e92 M3: rod bearing failure, vanos issues, etc
      Much as it would be awesome to enjoy a bulletproof performance car, it seems most are very sensitive to proper care, luck of the draw, and this Dodge is no different I imagine.
      On the opposite end of the spectrum, softly driven softly sprung cars like a Lexus ES350 or LS seem very reliable according to my auction buddy, while most BMW’s, VW’s and Audi’s are riskier to buy used and hang on to, he says.

      • Bob White

        Best to stick to a Corolla or Camry.

    • BqWsRe

      Euro crap

      • Miknik

        I’m sure that despite FCA HQ in Europe there isn’t a single European bolt or screw in a Hellcat….

  • Kash

    Hasn’t this happened a couple times before? I know this happened once before on a modded hellcat, or was that its transmission dissolving?

    • BqWsRe

      Yes, Tesla’s have caught on fire, crashed on autopilot killing people…

      • S3XY

        All cars have caught on fire. And Autopilot is the first of its technology so few unfortunate deaths will occur and improvements will be made from them.

        Back on topic since you are butt hurt, Lollcat’s always break down.

  • Craig

    We are all witnesses to the ABUSE Hellcat’s go through. I’m surprised they are as reliable as they are. Fact is – they are AMAZINGLY reliable.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Such POS

    • BqWsRe

      I know, the Tesla always catches on fire…And FCA sells a bazillion more cars than Tesla.

      • S3XY

        Prove Tesla’s always catch on fire. I’ve had mine for a year and it hasn’t caught on fire!

        And 1 Tesla is better than all the gas guzzlers FCA sells. Quality over quantity.

  • GT

    ha ha… American cars. Now they can’t even go in straight lines.

  • BqWsRe

    Bradley Anderson’s daily Tesla propaganda. Your obsession with Tesla, Bradley, is a tad frightening.

    We know it goes fast in a straightline, but someone forgot to tell you the 60s are over…Oh, and Tesla is mired in debt and it’s hyped Model 3 is nowhere to be seen.

    • HUBEMX

      shut up snowflake

    • S3XY

      In debt? Only person in debt here is you. Keep scrubbing those toilets Jose.

  • S3XY

    Lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllcat. Inferior feline.

    • Kaisuke971

      You comments gave me brain and eye cancer.

  • Vassilis

    The problem isn’t that it was trying to race a Tesla. The problem is that it was trying to race.

  • KidRed

    Domestic muscle cars- all torque with no way to handle it.

    • Bob White

      Isn’t Tesla Domestic?

  • LexusGXman

    FCA quality. All Fiat and Chrysler, whether together or alone, know how to do is destroy themselves or other car brands (brands that they merge with/buy out). A real mystery why people buy their products, some look good like the Jeep GC or Alfa Romeo Giulia but my god why buy them when you could buy Toyota, Ford, GMC, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, all of which are more reliable and far better built, Lexus doesn’t even deserve to be spoken in the breath as FCA (no bias just fact).

  • smartacus

    another day another toastla gloat story.
    FYI, they are on the “companies-to-hate” list now since
    Vanilla Musk joined the President’s Economic Advisory Panel.

  • daftshadow

    No denying Tesla is a beast in drag but it sounds so wimpy. The revving sound of a good old petrol car can never be changed!!

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