Mazda CX-5 To Lose Manual Option In The U.S.

Confirmation has come that the all-new 2017 Mazda CX-5 won’t be available with a manual transmission in the United States.

Cars Direct broke the news after discovering that no engines or CX-5 trim levels will get a stick shift in the U.S. and according to a Mazda spokesman, even the upcoming diesel-powered variant won’t get a manual and be offered exclusively with an automatic transmission.

Interestingly, the carmaker will continue to offer the CX-5 with a manual in both Mexico and Canada.

Prior to the CX-5 getting a major overhaul for 2017, the only version sold with a manual was the CX-5 Sport that started from $22,695. With the manual ‘box gone, the entry-level 2017 CX-5 now starts at $24,985 with its 2.5-liter SKYACTIV engine.

Although some traditionalists may be upset by the news, it is unlikely to affect Mazda sales. After all, neither the CX-3 or CX-9 can be ordered with a manual transmission in the United States. What’s more, just 5 per cent of current CX-5s have been ordered by U.S. customers with manual transmissions.


  • pcurve

    ” just 5 per cent of current CX-5s have been ordered by U.S. customers with manual transmissions.”

    Well… it’s probably because manual can only be ordered with stripped down version with FWD.

    I’m sure manual take up rate for mazda 3 is higher because you can get it with all trim levels.

    • smartacus

      true that. if it were only available in higher trim levels.

    • ediotsavant

      Why would anyone want to do their own shifting when an automatic is available?

      • dhoosee

        Because it makes driving fun, interesting, and engaging…THAT’S why.
        Why would anyone want to do nothing more than mindlessly aim a car down the road?

        • dhoosee

          Oh….wait….I forgot: A manual transmission demands that the driver use two hands more often, and that decreases their ability to text, apply makeup, talk on the phone, etc. Silly me!

        • billybaseball

          Amen!!! You are so right!

        • RoyalPain

          More control of your power too.

      • billybaseball

        Did you really just write that? The better question is “Why would anybody want to drive a boring automatic when they can feel like they are fully engaged with their car by rowing their own gears?” The answer to your question is that manuals are WAY more fun to drive. A much more enriching and fun experience! No comparison to an automatic!

    • Benjamin B.

      The Jeep Compass 4×4 comes with either a 6-speed manual or a 9-speed automatic.

    • krusshall

      And it was only available in three boring colors – silver, charcoal, and black. “Just 5%” is still 5% of your customer base, Mazda, you are now choosing to exclude.

    • Zemus

      I think that’s very likely. My daily driver is a manual, and wish there were more vehicles that offered them. Those that do are typically stripped out/low-end versions. If you want to get ordinary options, like leather or even dual power-front seats, you have to opt for a higher trim level and lose the manual trans. Kind of foolish, really.

      5% is still 5% — and customers that they are spotting another automaker.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    But I thought “driving matters”…

    • LOL, when it means selling cars.

  • WG

    On the positive side, Mazda isn’t using a CVT and instead sticks with the traditional geared automatic.

    • Pauly

      and they put the + and – the right way around on the gearshift aswell

  • smartacus

    When manual transmissions are about to enter a Renaissance due to fears of hacking?

    When the CIA killed journalist Michael Hastings in 2013,
    they remotely put his C250 into full throttle mode
    locked the fake automatic shifter out of Neutral
    and disabled his parking brake dash button.

  • NGC

    Sad. 5 spd is Excitement. Automatic is boredom.

    • Benjamin B.

      Believe it was a 6-speed offered.

    • billybaseball


  • Craig

    Not all that long ago [well OK – a long time ago!] the only way you could get a driver’s licence was by proving you could drive a car/truck with a manual transmission.

    • billybaseball

      It should still be this way. I’m teaching my kids to drive manuals!

      • dhoosee

        Excellent, Billy. Good to hear.

        My wife and I don’t have kids, but I want to teach SOMEONE how to row their own. All of our nieces, our nephew, and friends kids show NO interest in learning whatsoever. And I’m a patient instructor too!

        Come to think of it, the kids really don’t care one bit about driving; only that it gets them from A to B.


  • Benjamin B.

    My prediction is most everyday cars (Toyota Camry, etc) will come only with automatics. However cars like the Mazda MX5 will always offer a manual. The death of the Miata will be because Mazda dropped the manual option. It won’t. Ever. As for regular cars, few of them offer a manual. The Honda Accord does. The Ford Fusion did offer a 6-speed manual on the 1.6L EcoBoost turbo I4 models a few years ago, although the 1.5L EcoBoost turbo I4 models are automatic only. The Jeep Compass and Renegade. The Honda Fit, Civic, and HRV. The RAM HD trucks with the Cummins engines come with a 6-speed option. Only HD pickup truck available with a manual. Ford and GM offered manuals in the past. Even the mid size pickup trucks only have manuals available on entry level trims. The Toyota Taco TRD 6-speed manual is an exception. The Nissan Frontier base model gets an I4 and manual with 2wd (4.10 gearing I find very interesting – I believe my dad’s Ford F-150 4×4 has higher gearing)

    • krusshall

      That’s not a prediction, that’s reality.

    • dhoosee

      Agree. Bummer that if a manufacturer does offer a manual, it is more often than not only offered with the base or stripped down versions; example: The Honda Civic EX-T can be had with a 6-speed manual, but if you want all of the goodies (the Touring package), you’re outta luck. No leather with the slush-box.

      • billybaseball

        The VW GTI manual still gets extremely high review marks! Very high! I used to have one. Very fun car to drive.

  • dhoosee

    Thanks for nothing, Mazda.

    • billybaseball

      Agreed! Thanks for nothing Mazda. You’ve lost a customer who planned on purchasing your 2017 cx-5 or cx-3. Probably my daughter too. Too bad.

  • Six_Tymes

    no one bought manuals anyway Because no one wants them. it has nothing to do with trim levels.

  • trentbg

    It terribly needs a turbo engine.

  • billybaseball

    This really is too bad! I have a manual 2010 VW TDI that I need to turn in due to the dieselgate situation. I still have over a year to do so! I LOVE my diesel. Best car I’ve ever had in my life (and I’m almost 57, so I’ve had lots of cars). I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Mazda, especially the CX-5. I absolutely won’t drive an automatic, incredibly boring to drive. I’ve driven many of them, wife and daughter have them. Extremely boring! Wanted a manual diesel Mazda. Won’t get it in the US. OK, then I want a manual Mazda either CX-5 or CX-3 (Ok, gas engine if I must). No more manuals in the USA. Wow, amazing!

    I”m not happy with Mazda about this at all. Looks like I will have to buy another VW (no diesel, too bad), or get the new Chevy manual diesel.

    You know all this talk about the cars of the future driving themselves? Who the hell wants one of these? Of course, people who drive automatics because their driving experience is so damn boring. Nobody who drives a manual wants a car that drives itself. Take away stick shifts and you may as well kill me now.

    Alas, I hope somebody as Mazda is reading this. I have until 9/1/18 to surrender my VW TDI. Wanted a manual cx-5 or cx-3. But no stick shift and it won’t be happening. Nothing could change my mind on this!

    So I guess it will either be the VW GTI, VW Golf, VW Golf Sportswagen, or the Chevy Cruze diesel.