McLaren Wants To Build More Bespoke One-Offs

McLaren has revealed that it hopes to create two to three bespoke one-off cars for customers each and every year.

Speaking with Autocar, McLaren Special Operations boss Ansar Ali said that the British company has become large enough to facilitate the creation of more bespoke products, similar to what Ferrari has done with its Special Projects division.

During the interview, Ali said that the British brand will be able to create such custom vehicles in 18-24 months but said customers will have the choice as to whether or not their vehicles will be revealed to the public.

McLaren also believes the vehicles “are a useful test bed for new materials and tech and present an R&D opportunity.”

The only bespoke creation from McLaren Special Operations for a customer is the X-1, built back in 2012 and based around the 12C. It features all-new body panels and included hydraulically-operated rear wheel covers.