Watch Bugatti Chiron’s Speedo Barely Keep Up With The Firepower

The first reviews of the Bugatti Chiron are out and we finally get to learn more about this new beast.

It’s all about the headline figures with this car, and since the mission of the Chiron was to be better in every single metric from the Veyron, these figures are quite big.

The quad-turbo 8.0-litre W16 produces 1479hp (1500PS) and 1180lb-ft (1600Nm) of peak torque available from 2000rpm. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic does the job of transferring this humongous amount of power to all four wheels.

Bugatti reckons it’ll do 0-62mph (100km/h) in 2.5 seconds while top speed is limited (!) to 261mph (420km/h). The Chiron’s limiting factor at this point is the tires, so the company doesn’t really know the actual top speed yet but they will have a go at it next year.

The short video shows the analog speedometer of the Chiron during a 0-200mph run. Look at the struggle of that needle as the new Bugatti launches from a full stop, barely keeping up with almost 1500 of the finest horsepower this planet has ever seen.

Drivetribe notes that the Bugatti Chiron is actually faster than the video suggests as the figures were extracted directly by the speedo and not from timing gear. The surface was also not perfect, with the car spinning its wheels hard during the launch.

Nevertheless, sitting in a car that can pull a 0-200mph (320km/h) in 16 seconds more or less is simply breathtaking.


  • Shtekeris

    I would actually like to know what it’s like to live with such power. With speed limit 100 on highway and 50 or even 30 in city, I wonder how little you have to touch gas pedal to drive that slowly.

    • Honda NSX-R

      There’s probably an econ mode or something that slows the throttle response, but even then I think you would still have to touch the gas pedal very slowly without getting in trouble. 😛

    • alexxx

      i guess,as with everything else,after 2 days of accommodation,everything would be fine and easy to use :-))

  • BarryFastCars

    Was that wheelspin at say 55mph after shifting into second gear?

    • Miknik

      Yes. 4WD wheelspin at motorway speed.

  • psiqtas

    OMFG that ist hellfast even while looking on the speedo!

  • I would probably check the tires pressure before…

  • Bash

    this is insane

  • Miknik

    Just a shame it doesn’t sound more interesting than an average family sedan doing this insane speeds….

    • anonymous

      That’s somehow isn’t so much of a shortcoming as it is the whole point of Chiron. Brain-frazzling performance with daily usability.

      • Miknik

        As a super car, I’d still wish it sounded more interesting. Everyday usability is, given the consumption, size vs. space and cost of any wearing parts probably still a relative term anyway, and the average Chiron owner has probably some other car among his average 47 cars (or what was the figure) he can go to shop for groceries in 😉

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