Someone Built A Life-Size Lamborghini Aventador Out Of Paper

As amazing as it would be if everyone could afford Lamborghini Aventadors, the truth is that only a small group ever will, leaving the majority left to explore their supercar passions in other ways.

Some like to race exotics, others like taking pictures of them and many, including us, love writing about them. For one man in Taiwan, the best way was to create a life-size model of the Aventador made entirely from paper.

As these pictures from Taiwan News show, the person behind this amazing paper creation has managed to design bodywork reminiscent of the Aventador as well as familiar headlights, taillights and bumpers. The car even features a paper engine cover, rear wing and a set of unique orange wheels.

What’s more, even time has been spent on the vehicle’s interior with a set of black paper seats installed complete with yellow edging.

It is reported that this Aventador has been created for Qingming or Tomb-Sweeping Day and will be set alight to honor the owner’s ancestors.