This One-Off Dodge Charger Coupe Conversion Is The Anti-Challenger [38 Pics + Video]

There’s a pretty good reason why Dodge doesn’t make a Charger coupe – and it’s called the Challenger.

The two models share a common (albeit modified) platform, after all, and mostly the same powertrain options. But what if you like the Charger’s aggressive styling better than the Challenger’s retro design?

That’s evidently how Nick Kizi felt. Nick started his own bodyshop over in Warren, Michigan – home of GM’s main tech center – back in 2013 called Fantasy Collision & Customs. With the doors just having rolled up and a crew of just two other guys, Nick and company undertook this project to show what they could do.

Now as you might have gleaned from just the lead image above, the guys at Fantasy didn’t just remove a set of doors, fill in the gaps, and call it a day. To read Rides magazine describe it, they chopped the sedan in half, shortened the wheelbase by ten inches, and put it back together.

Removing the rear doors, they lengthened the front ones. And while they were at it, they cut the roof down by two inches. Coupé, indeed.

The 5,000-man-hour process also saw them widen the rear fenders by seven inches – on each side – and fit giant wheels: 24 inches in diameter at all four corners, steamrolling 9 inches across at the front and an unfathomable 15 inches at the rear. Inside they fitted 16-inch Wilwood brakes, and fitted it all to a custom air suspension.

The 5.7-liter Hemi V8 was left mostly stock (except for the custom exhaust), the roof was replaced with a custom glass panel, and the whole thing was painted white with red pinstripes. The interior was done up to match in pearl white with red stitching.

The finished product looks like a real show-stopper – and not without historical precedent. After all, the original Charger made in the 1960s and ’70s was a coupe, before the name was used on a front-drive hatchback and then on the four-door sedan we know today.

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  • Akira

    This is wrong on so many levels. I don’t think there’s a single modification on this car that looks good.


  • dolsh

    Something like that could compete with the Mustang and Camaro better than the Challenger does. Let the Challenger reign the GT world and drag strip. Lighter-weight Charger 2-door would be a great pony car.

    Also: Fantasy Collision and Customs?? Because we dream of car accidents? Make that Fantasy Customs and Collision and it seems less Crash-y.

    • seriously

      a Challenger is a 2 door Charger why would you think making the heavier charger a 2 door will make it lighter than a Challenger? lol that’s silly. if anything the Challenger should be made lighter and smaller and make a 2 door chsrger for those that want as full size coupe….it sells well being both too big and too heavy it’s the only full size coupe on the market other than 6 figure vehicles

      • dolsh

        Sure – either way. Assuming FCA wants to compete there, the Challenger either gets smaller and lighter, or a 2-door Charger *could* be smaller and lighter. In the above example, they lopped of 10 inches from the wheelbase, which should put it 6 inches shorter than the Challenger. So, smaller. And since the weight difference is actually only about 150lbs, probably lighter too. It could be a great car – especially if it was able to lose about 500lbs and approach the weight of the Mustang. Let the Challenger be the GT car it really is.

    • Cobrajet

      A Charger 2-door is not a Pony Car. The Challenger is the real pony car.

      • dolsh

        It really isn’t. I know FCA and Mopar fanboys will argue the fact, but It’s a grand tourer with available AWD and significant size and weight disadvantage. It’s not a slight that it would be a GT – that’s really the class most people want to buy and don’t know it.

  • Status

    I’m glad pinstripes never came back.

  • Cameron

    No pics of the engine for 1 reason. Can anyone guess? lmao. That’s why these builds are stupid.

  • kachuks

    Chopped, lowered and shortened. Should have called it an Avenger.

    Or possibly easier to shoehorn a Hemi into an Avenger.

  • Stephen Baxter

    I don’t care for most of the details, but if it were made to look more OEM i dont think it would be so awful, the work looks to be good, but how much can you really tell from pictures

  • salamOOn


  • Tumbi Mtika

    They did too much.

  • Craig

    From some angles it looks really good. From other angles…. not so good. [But that could be said of me!]

  • Johnson

    I like it a bunch even though I have issues with it . IMO remove all lettering, smooth out leather, add SRT motor at least, this thing needs at least 650 hp!

  • Benjamin B.

    Why not just start with a Challenger

  • Star Lord 970

    Considering the Charger itself is a retro design, where are the flying butresses? Why the ridiculous, exaggerated side scoops, why the rear quarter scoops? What. Da. Fuq?

    Try again, bro. I realize this probably took 4 million hours to create, but it’s not my fault you never asked anyone older than six “does this look good?”, except for the interior, which was evidently designed by a 1970’s era pimp…

  • Kasaru

    The motor is mostly stock… Sounds about right, looks like a dang ricer.

  • Bash

    but not in white interior!! come on..

  • SteersUright

    Sorry guys, the final product’s fit an finish looks totally amateur hour. Also, the clown car wheels do it no favors. Still, I admire anyone out there making an effort to do their own thing.

  • Marc Gruben

    Theophilus Chin did a rendering a long time back that was just about perfect; definitely better than this monstrosity:

    • that looks good… And it becomes a “real” Charger.

  • Romanovich

    He sees like this
    Why immediately dirty

  • Red_Light_Green_Light_123

    They should be called “No Taste Whatsoever but have some skills Collision and Customs.”

  • Love the idea, hate the result.

  • Richard Ny

    The charger was out 2 years before the challenger, 2006 and 2008. At that time the two cars were not even the same platform. The newest models of each on different platforms as well. As far as the platforms just being mod versions of each other is not acurate. So dodge could have saved the money developing the Challeger and made the much cooler charger coupe shown above. Or build both i like em

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