Get Up Close And Personal With The 2018 Hyundai Sonata

Hot on the heels of the refreshed Hyundai Sonata debuting in South Korea by way of the first official images, we can now enjoy a more in-depth look at the updated model in the three videos below.

Filmed at the vehicle’s global premiere in its home market, they offer an extensive look at the model’s updated interior and exterior look.

Hyundai says that the interior of the refreshed Sonata feels much more premium than the car it replaces and is bathed in a number of unique finishes and accents. Included in these are plastic elements which mimic the look of silver carbon fiber and numerous leather components with premium stitching.

Perhaps one of the most practical new elements of the 2018 Sonata is its trunk release. Rather than having to open up the trunk with an ugly latch, all you have to do is press on the central Hyundai badge and the trunk will open electronically. Its a nifty and functional feature.

When the new Sonata hits the Korean market, it will be offered with four different engines. These will consist of a 1.7-liter VGT with 139 hp, a 1.6-liter T-GDI delivering 177 hp, a 160 hp 2.0-liter and a 241 hp 2.0-liter turbo.

For the North American model, we’ll probably have to wait a few weeks until the New York Auto Show in April.


  • Moving Forward

    Hyundai has certainly come a long way from just a decade ago. Their build quality is up as is their engineering.

  • Joe

    They are going backwards with design. The way everything swoops back like the headlights is almost exactly like the generation before the current one

    • Nihar

      People liked that design, so I guess they brought some of it back to give the car the emotion it lost.

  • Eric

    It looks like it’s getting ready to inhale something… Meh…

    • marioGTI

      Reminds me that sucker fish…LOL

  • U8INIT

    Issa Dodge Dart

  • WG

    The design is now becoming hideous to me. Luckily, its cousin the Kia Optima remains a nicely designed vehicle.

  • BlackPegasus

    It looks like an Elantra with a Genesis grill. Confusing design.

  • smartacus

    They’re down to 241 HP now??
    Not even the meager 245 of ye olde?
    Just get a 2011-2013 Sonata 2.0T with 274HP.

    • Grumpy

      This is for the Korean Market. Wait till the NY auto show for the US market specs.

  • Bryant Lizardo

    This is one ugly car, their previous design was elegant and luxury looking. Now they went backwards with this ugly fluidic design crap.

  • Bdoleza

    Ouch. Looks like all the styling talent and development smarts at Hyundai are going to Genesis. That’s the new hotness at Hyundai. But they would do well to not forget where their success came from. Mr. Everyman. If they make their midrange offerings generic and boring, people will shop elsewhere. Just ask VW…

  • SteersUright

    Wow, a turd with crappy engines. Well done. Please prepare the paperwork for rock-bottom cheap lease deals of the zero down variety, the only way you’ll move this snooze-mobile.

  • emjayay

    One interesting design element, and not in a good way, is how the protruding trunk lid shape intrudes into a niche below it. It’s related to the first Bangle BMW 7 series where the whole lid looked like it was from some other car. (They halfway fixed that in the midterm facelift). It’s a conceptual thing, about displaying the idea of the reality behind the shape. Here’s the trunk – you know, the big luggage thing that the servants truck around for you. Not a part of the car really. So we’ll make a point of that.

    It’s like prewar American sedans, which often came in streamlined horse carriage style with maybe only a spare tire fitting under the lid , or with this soft rectangular trunk thing added. Except being awful.

  • Althea Later

    I don’t think they made the S O N A T A nameplate large enough on the rear. Hard to read.

  • gadgety

    Hyundai grille poached from Ford, poached from Aston.

  • KidRed

    I can’t stand these asymmetrical interiors coming out of Asia lately. They drive my OCD crazy. Toyota is by far the worst offender but not Hyundai is starting to follow that trend. The exterior looks like it’s confused, like it wants to be safe and vanilla but yet remembers 2 gens ago when it shook up the industry. I’m not sure why they moved away from that aggressive body style and went really safe and simple these last 2 gens.

    Headlights belong in the front of the car, not the sides.

  • Red_Light_Green_Light_123

    Wow, Ford sure screwed up designing their new Focus sedan. Their Aston grill looked alright. Why did they go and give it the goldfish look by further dropping the grill even lower?

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