Check Out The 10 Cars With The Best Interiors Of 2017

Offense sells tickets, goes to the old sports adage, but defense wins games. You might say the same about the exterior versus interior design of automobiles.

Because while the interior might not catch your attention at first, it is the part with which the driver interacts the most.

Knowing which cars have the best interiors, then, is important, and every year WardsAuto identifies the top ten. And it’s just released its picks for 2017.

Here are the ten automobiles which the automotive arbiters singled out for having the best interiors in the business, not ranked but presented alphabetically:

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Bentley Bentayga
Buick LaCrosse
Honda CR-V
Lexus LC 500
Lincoln Continental
Maserati Levante
Mazda CX-9
Mini Countryman
Subaru Impreza

That’s quite the varied list, including American, European, and Asian models. They range in price from under $30k to over a quarter-million dollars. And while the majority come from premium or luxury brands, the Honda, Mazda, and Subaru show that the Japanese, at least, know how to design interiors for the mass market as well as they do for the upper crust.

In a clear sign of the times, half of this year’s winners are crossovers (of varying sizes). Four more are sedans (one alternatively available as a five-door hatch), but only one – the multiple award-winning Lexus LC 500 – is a two-door coupe. No genuine sports cars or convertibles here.

The only manufacturing group with multiple winners this year is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – specifically the Italian side of the equation – whose Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands both had their latest models featured. Impressive, considering that rival giants like the Volkswagen Group (Bentley Bentayga), Toyota (Lexus LC 500), and General Motors (Buick LaCrosse) each had only one, while several major automakers – including Hyundai, Nissan, and Daimler – didn’t make the cut this year altogether.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Bentley Bentayga

Buick LaCrosse

Honda CR-V

Lexus LC 500

Lincoln Continental

Maserati Levante

Mazda CX-9

Mini Countryman

Subaru Impreza

  • ChizzoLi

    I object the Impreza and lacrosse

    • mccarluvr123

      I agree. I would also leave out the Countryman (too gimmicky) and Levante (cheap-feeling materials and obvious parts-sharing).

      • enthusia

        The Lavente (and pretty much any maserati) is so unbelievably CHEAP and it looks like something GM would design circa 2012. I kinda like the mini tho.

        • Michelin

          Did you see really LEVANTE in metal and leather ? By your comment I can’tell belive it.

    • Able

      No clue on the Lacrosse but the Impreza interior is definitely best in class. High quality materials everywhere, an excellent high-res 8-inch screen with CarPlay/AA, even stitching on the dashboard. A Japanese company that has FINALLY redesigned its switchgear as well! Well done Subaru, if only the Impreza’s drivetrains were as good…

  • Kash

    The Alfa is a BMW rip interior
    the CR-V? Really? maybe for the price range, but overall no.
    The Conti has plastic looking seats backs even on a fully loaded model, the only thing it has going for it is if you’re sitting in the front and can’t see the back of your seat.
    Levante isn’t bad material quality wise, but it’s already heavily dated.
    CX-9 def is punching above it’s weight class with its interior, seriously, that thing could kick any BMW’s arse.
    Countryman isn’t horrible but i think most of that comes from the carbon fiber and not the actual design of the interior.

    • donald seymour

      I sat in the Continental and it is on point. Not to the level of the S-Class, but it’s nice and thoughtful.

      • Kash

        I wasn’t impressed with it, especially not at the $80k price tag the car had. I’d be more impressed at $45k because the quality would be on par with other things at that price point. The design (aside from the center stack) isn’t horrible, the quality is the killer though.

        The stitching on the little panel around the ignition button was rough, the “wood” looked like plastic, cheap plastic, and the not quite super dark black plastic used for the center stack, seat controls on the door, and the controls for the rear seats had to be the cheapest material they could get, and the leather on the steering wheel (if it was leather) felt like plastic, it was high quality if it was plastic and would’ve been fine in a top spec Optima, but not in a Lincoln priced well above the Optima.

        Now I’m not sure if this was just a one time slip by quality control, but the dealer should’ve rejected the car if they did any kind of inspection on it. I’ll have to ask but I’m willing to bet that specific car is still on the lot.

        • donald seymour

          Okay, you make a very valid point. Do you really think that is a one time situation.

          • Kash

            TBH i don’t know. I could see it go either way.

    • Alex Stoyanov

      The Countryman doesn’t have carbon fiber. The dashboard piece does light up if you chose so. Looks very interesting in person.

      • Kash

        Well whatever they used looks like carbon fiber, i guess it’s just striped wood, I can appreciate good lighting but that doesn’t make up for the lackluster design used for the interior.

  • Big Black Duck

    Buick, Lexus and Mazda are my picks….they should have included the Volvo v90 as well..

  • MarketAndChurch

    I think the Volvo XC90 should be included in this top10.

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      top 5?

      • Jan Mleziva

        Top 1?

        • Belthronding Tinuviel


  • Six Thousand Times

    Good for the Subaru. STI interiors used to be noticeably crap even in the early 2000s when standards were lower. I actually also concur on the Buick – very well made. The best part of the Bentayga’s interior is you can’t see the outside of that ugly beast.

  • gshemant

    My pick is the Alfa. Chiseled lines make it look like a work of art! LC 500 is a close second.

  • GE90man

    I call shenanigans

  • no25

    Sorry, but the Buick, Lincoln, and Honda are not all that special. I would have loved to see a Volvo instead. Volvo’s new interiors are gorgeous. The new Lexus LS has a nice interior too, but I guess that’s no out yet so it could not be selected.

  • kachuks

    Is it me or was this a better contest a few years ago?

    That Mazda is the only one that catches my eye. Definitely the overachiever.

  • An Existing Person

    I could agree with the Bentley, Lexus, Mazda, and maybe the Alfa to an extent. But the Honda? Subaru? Buick? Lincoln? I understand pricing, but those are really nothing special and are completely different (worse) in person than how they appear in pictures. The Maserati is downright disappointing considering that you’re paying so much for a restructured Chrysler product.

    • Ed Ward

      This is the best maserati ever did thanks to chrysler.

    • Michelin

      Levante is built in Italy on Ghibli base and Ferrari built engine. Maybe the infoteinement and some buttons are from Chrysler. But we see Mercedes on Renault chassis and Renault engines. Porches and Bentley with a lot of VW parts, etc. etc. Maserati is not the exception …..

  • juliolive7

    Alpha teached BMW how to make a beautiful interior!

  • Craig
    • OdysseyTag

      Think the Countryman beat it out by a point in final judging.

      • Enter Ranting

        It’s almost as precious as the Countryman interior.

    • antbee

      Thanks for dogging me out, man! I only showed you my car, because you said it would be “our secret!” What am I gonna tell Empress Moonbeam Kitty?

      • Craig

        I’m embarrassed. I’m very VERY sorry. I was just so proud of you and all of the work you did to get it ‘just the way YOU wanted it!’

        • antbee

          Thank you, apology accepted! We’re having tea with Teddy Ruxpin later, boy I hope he’s not such a know-it-all. Bitch Puddin’ is coming, too. Wanna come?

  • UZ

    This is rubbish. Only the CX-9 interior appeals to me as modern, slick and underdesigned. The rest are just bold and in-your-face moulds of unimaginative but different pieces of platic. No coherence and distiction, not even the Bentley with its leather.

    And btw, I’ve not purchased cars before BECAUSE of their interiors.

    Where’s Volvo’s XC-90 interior, with arguably the best implementation of a large display between stylish vents? And Audi’s ingenious TT interior with vent controls where they belong, in the vent, leaving the dash clean and uncluttered? And the Range Rover Velar with it’s dual centre display and rotary gear lever, an example of what can be done to keep things uncluttered.

    • Salih Ahzem

      XC90 was on the list on the previous iterations of the list, not that it doesn’t have a “good” interior…

    • Nordschleife

      The Velar is not for sale yet. All of these cars are for sale currently.

  • Blade t

    what cr-v ?

  • Kagiso Mutlaneng

    Pass! No Volvo No Mercedes interiors and they included the Levante & Mini?!? LOL

  • joey

    Where’s the Peugeot 3008/5008 in all of this? That car’s dash is sensational. Or could it be that this list is limited to cars sold in the US? Everybody loves the Mazda, such a great design. I’m happy though there’s no S or E-Class here, and that there’s no Volvo as well.

  • MP4-12C

    Impreza, CR-V and Countryman really shouldn’t be on this list.

  • Marty

    Let’s just say tastes differ…
    If I was shopping for a new car only Mazda would get plus points for interior design.

  • NeilB

    How did you forget the new Porsche Panamera ?

  • John Bassett

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are certainly some interiors on this list that I think are bettered by others. The real question perhaps should be which are the 10 most functional interiors? Having experienced some of the radios and and gadgets out there, I think it paramount that ease of operation is more of a bonus than looks.

    • Nordschleife

      Some of these interiors look and or feel horrible so function must be in there somewhere.

  • keyur

    Came here to see Merc E coupe listed, leaving disappointed.

    • Christian Wimmer

      Same here!

  • BlackPegasus

    This is some bullshtt..

    • antbee

      You can spell that word outright, dontcha know?😜

  • Leonard Schreiman

    I didn’t know that overdone and tacky was the benchmark for nice interiors. Of that group I honestly would say that the CX-9 and the Maserati would be the best. The rest are either overdone too many buttons, dials, etc. But in the end none of these can touch the true creme de la creme, namely Peugeot-Citroen.

    • antbee

      I like the one with the lion-thingy on the steering wheel.
      J/K, I know it’s the Peugeot. I really do like it, very much! From which Peugeot vehicle is this interior?

  • Ed Ward

    Wow, the dodge guilia at #1 and the chrysler lavante at,#7. Chrysler interior and exterior design making a comeback under cheesy Italian brands. Good job Ralph gilles for those chrysler cars disguised as alfa and maserati.

  • Cobrajet

    What, no Mercedes.

  • Dennis James

    I am really surprised how some of the non-premium cars can have quite nice interiors.

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