Hartmann Gives Mercedes-Benz Sprinter A Swanky Tune

Large vans aren’t exactly tuning material, but even so, Hartmann are looking into an almost untapped segment with their VanSports division.

Their latest project is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI Kombi, which received a number of exterior modifications such as a front spoiler, side sills, rear apron, and a set of alloy rims by VEST, with a special matte anthracite-gray-metallic coating.

Inside, they gave it an anti-drumming product on the roof and sidewalls, followed by additional isolation, subsequent to which the tuner installed a modular aluminum system floor by Schnierle to secure the single seats, and camper furnishings.

Black Gaucho leather with contrast seams and waffle pattern has been added to the seats, the lower part of the dashboard and door panels are lined in Alcantara, the roof liner, including the A and B pillars, feature a black microfiber, and the side panels in the driver and passenger area have a black Porsche carpet.

Other features applied to the van include the decorative parts of the dashboard that have a black-glossy carbon design, flat-bottom steering wheel, and brushed stainless steel entry strips and milled pedal pads.

The camper furniture, which includes a 12-liter sink, two-flame spirit stove, compressor cooling box with an 18-liter capacity, side panel cabinets, folding table, and folding beds, can be removed at any time.

The 230V external connection, 12V internal splitter, LED-living space illumination, and an extra battery, to name a few, will come in handy during the occasional camping trip.


  • El Howard

    Slightly wrong approach. The diesel van is never going to be used for street racing. Better to tune the 4×4 for better off-road performance. The custom interior with real leather is something I would pay money for; I’m still trying to decide whether the get the standard Sprinter 4×4 or the Airstream RV conversion which costs $100K more.

    • Benjamin B.

      Ford Transit 3.5 EcoBoost same engine from GT detoned is available in North America

      • El Howard

        That’s a lot of expense to go to just for the rare thrill of blowing a few muscle car’s doors off street racing a van!

  • psiqtas

    Terrible bodykit and pointless conversion…

  • Their version looks too no-frills and bare bones…Airstream RV version is much better…

  • Benjamin B.

    the Ford Transit can be had with the same 3.5L twin turbo V6 petrol found in the GT supercar… want to see a super van built from a 3.5TT Transit