McLaren Mulling 2+2 GT For The Sports Series Or Ultimate Series

McLaren’s plan to launch 14 new models in the next 5 years could include not only derivations of the new 720S, and replacements for the Sports Series, but also a new Grand Tourer.

Speaking to AutoExpress on the sidelines of the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, the company’s CEO, Mike Flewitt, confirmed that a 2+2 GT is something that Woking continues to look at.

It’s something we would continue to look at, and as much as you’d get me to stand on stage and swear we’d never build an SUV, I wouldn’t take that position on a 2+2“, Flewitt said. “I can see four seats, but not four doors.

When it comes to its size, McLaren’s CEO didn’t have much to say about it, except that “it could be either the Sports Series or Ultimate Series“.

A four-seater McLaren has been on the table for at least one and a half years, and was hinted during an interview by the company’s Design Director, Frank Stephenson, who talked about a new Sports Series model that targets “a different sort of buyer”. Stephenson hasn’t ruled out a Shooting Brake either.

Note: McLaren 720S pictured