Mercedes Reportedly Axing the SLC

Mercedes has hinted the company could eliminate a handful of niche models and it appears the axe is ready to fall on the SLC.

According to Automobile Magazine, the once popular roadster, formerly known on the SLK, has “disappeared for good from the cycle plan.” This stands in stark contrast to previous rumors which suggested the car would be redesigned and ride on the new MSA platform.

If the reports are correct, the SLC will be missed and will be a noticeable absence when the BMW Z5 is introduced. However, Mercedes could be banking on the C-Class Convertible to help fill the void.

In related news, the publication is reporting the next-generation AMG GT and Mercedes SL will ride on the same platform. The latter model is expected to morph into a larger and more luxurious 2+2 convertible. As part of the change, the next-generation SL is expected to eschew its retractable hardtop for a more traditional canvas roof.

The changes put the future of the S-Class Convertible in doubt as both models would be similar and likely priced competitively. The report also suggests the S-Class Coupe may be dropped and eventually replaced by a more upscale E-Class Coupe further down the line.

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  • Kash

    That’s a shame, the SLC43 is a great little car, it’s actually really fun. I’m not surprised though, the segment for this, the Z4, the F-type, and even the 718 is so small it’s almost pitiful.

    • Bo Hanan

      Its the same size as the SL. It grew to big. And the AMG-GT didn’t help things.

      • Tuan Cao

        The R231 is 181.6 in and the R172 SLK/SLC comes in at 162.8 in.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Agree, a shame.

    • Elmediterraneo

      An SLA 45 coupe and roadster based on the next generation A45 could easily replace the SLC 43 on the market.
      Look how an Audi TTRS based on a mainstream compact car platform can compete against a mid-engine Porsche 718. All they have to do is to put the right engine, the right transmission inside the right chassis.
      And from what we saw on the E63 I guess they’re develop a drift mode for the future 45 models which has to be even better than the one on the Focus RS.

      • Kash

        I don’t think we’ll see a small coupe with the CLA in the lineup. BMW recently said the Gran Coupes were selling better than the traditional coupes so it’d probably be a similar story for Mercedes and Audi.

        • Elmediterraneo

          If BMW’s GranCoupe doing well. Why they want to fusion them with their useless and ugly GT’s ?
          The future 6 GT will replace the 5 GT and 6 GranCoupe and the 4 GT is expected to replace both the 3 GT and the 4 GranCoupe.

          The CLA is a 4 door coupe, so this will not be a problem for a 2 door SLA coupe. But on the other hand, CLA’s problem will be the A-class sedan, they’ll gonna be both on competition for the same market. As long as the A-sedan will have a less-specific design, it could share more of his parts with the hatch. And being a cheaper model is crucial on the compact segment.

          Back to the 2 doors now. With the SLC’s death now an A-class based SLA designed as a baby AMG GT makes more sense for a lot of reasons :
          – An A-class platform will make it lighter and cheaper to produce than a C-class platform of the SLC, especially on the entry level versions.
          – The Audi TT was always based on the A3/Golf platform and it’s still a success after 3 generations.
          – The AMG version could be an SLA 45 with the +400 hp handmade 4 cylinder engine, which is better for a little sportscar. Just like what they’ve did with the Audi TTRS and Porsche 718 GTS.

          • Kash

            I don’t think they’re fusing the Gran Coupes with the GT’s, i think they’re just shifting them over to the coupes to somewhat explain the higher price, but I’m still not sold on them dropping the GC’s for the GT’s.

            I really doubt Merc will build a fixed roof SLA because the CLA does exist, I also don’t think the A-class sedan and CLA will be different cars. I think the name will just vary based on market so if the A-class hatchback is sold there the CLA will be just the A-sedan, and then if they build another CLA shooting brake i think the rear hatch will become more usable and squared off.

            The A-class sedan concept looks an awful lot like an updated CLA if you ask me, that rear is really coupe like but the trunk looks like the opening is slightly bigger and more usable though, enough to call itself a sedan but still the overall design could be described as coupe like.

            If they turn the SLC into a FWD convertible i think it’ll also grow into a 2+2. It’d also be able to appeal to people wanting a M2 convertible with an AMG version and have more interior room than the TT convertible.

  • d’Aforde

    Replacing the S-Class coupe with an E-Class coupe would be terrible mistake. Combining the GT and the SL doesn’t seem to make sense. It would probably be better to keep the SL and make it a true 2-seater grand touring car. A slightly smaller version of the SL would be an excellent SLC.

    • Elmediterraneo

      This is what the Mercedes coupe / convertible line-up should be :
      SLA = Audi TT, Porsche 718
      C class = Audi A5, BMW 4 series
      AMG GT = Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type
      S class = Bentley Continental GT, Rolls-Royce Wraith/Dawn

      The E-class and the SLC are useless with that line-up. The SL as well but since it’s an icon Mercedes has to find a way to keeping it and the best option is to make it a more refined and luxurious AMG GT. Axing the S-class coupe and convertible would be a terrible mistake for Mercedes because the luxury 4 seaters market was a huge part of Bentley’s current success with the Continental.

  • TheBelltower

    Not surprising. It was a popular roadster in the 90s, but clearly hasn’t been a priority for Merc in years. They let this car languish without any significant updates. It’s not competitive and probably not cross-shopped with the 718 or the TT.

    • Kash

      The market has shifted from these little 2-seaters to little convertibles, 2-series and A3 for example. If anything Merc should make this a small 2+2 as the SLA and realign it with the CLA/GLA/A-class.

      • TheBelltower

        Agreed. MB probably thinks they have it covered with the C-class convertible. Which is pretty nice looking.

        • Kash

          the C-class is nice looking and the interior is a lot nicer, but the C300 is $12k more than the 230i both with a ~240hp turbo 4 and RWD. That’s a lot of money for a very not much more car. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little A-class convertible like the rendering done from the A-sedan concept. Especially if it came with that sweet i4 from the CLA45.

  • MultiKdizzle

    of course the coupes get the axe.

  • Mark S

    A Shame the C-Class convertible is silly looking. Axe the C- class/convertible but use the Platform for a new SLC that is visually more different. I would just make the next SL a more relaxed road going version of the AMG GT.

  • KSegg

    Makes sense. MB/AMG has too many convertibles in its lineup. C/E/S/SL/SLC/GT…………..

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    While I do agree having both the GT Roadster and SL are redundant, morphing it into a 2+2 doesn’t make sense either. Merc’s flagship 2+2 is already the CL/S-Class Cabriolet.

  • Ermal Morina

    Mercedes has really lost their plot with their models.Making the SL a 2+2 soft top is just stupid.If they decide to,then there will not be any hard top convertible for Merc which is a shame,but still,they probably know better.

  • Dennis James

    Who really cares ? They all looks the same, it doesn’t matter which replaces which.

  • Elmediterraneo

    That’s what I was thinking for a moment. The gap between a C-class cabriolet and an AMG GT roadster will be to small for the SLC to fit in there which makes it useless. I’m also sceptical about the new idea of the SL because the AMG GT roadster is a better sportscar and the S-class cabriolet is a better luxury car which they have clearly defined their market and competition.

    The death of the SLC would be the confirmation of the SLA for a lot of reasons :
    1 Mercedes says that the next generation of compact cars will offer 8 models instead of 5 actually, from the current line-up
    – A-class hatch, CLA 4 door-coupe, CLA shooting brake, B-class, GLA to the future line-up…
    – A-class hatch, A-class sedan, CLA 4 door-coupe, B-class, GLA, GLB, SLA coupe and SLA roadster.
    2 Because the Audi found the right way, with the TT, to build an accessible and compact sports car by chosing a compact FWD platform from the Golf instead of a mid-size RWD platform from the C-class like the SLC.
    3 And then about AMG, the SLC can’t get a V8 because of the GT so they gave it the shy 43… But an SLA could get the mighty 4 cylinder 45 which makes it a perfect competitor for the Audi TTRS and Porsche 718 GTS.

  • Infinite1

    It’s a shame that MB is killing the SLC, but making all of their cars look alike, it’s a bit challenging to differentiate the models

  • JBsC6

    The convertible 2 plus 2 will be a much better product

  • gary4205

    Why build this when you can built the shitty, German version of the 4wd AMC Spirit instead!

    Those wacky Krauts!

  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    Honestly, it would be a shame if the SLC/SLK died. Small, fun cars are dying too quickly.

    Scale it back. Power and everything. Focus on the pure driving experience. Fight the Miata with it. Take on the GT86 with it, I don’t care! Since German brands are such trendsetters, revive the small sports car, please!! Don’t overdo it. Make a Miata AMG, so to speak.

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