Ferrari Rules Out Turbocharged V12 Engines

Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has confirmed the company is fully committed to V12 engines.

Despite increasing environmental and legislative pressure, Marchionne told Autocar “We will always offer a V12.” The executive went on to rule out a smaller displacement turbocharged unit by saying the company’s engine boss told him it would be “absolutely nuts” to put a turbocharger on a V12 engine.

Instead, Marchionne says the company’s future V12 engine will be naturally aspirated and feature a hybrid system. However, he insists the hybrid system isn’t designed to improve fuel efficiency but rather to “improve the performance on the track.”

Ferrari isn’t a stranger to hybrid technology as the company introduced the 599 Hybrid concept in 2010 and then unveiled the LaFerrari and FXX K a few years later. More recent models such as the 812 Superfast are more eco-friendly than their predecessors thanks to improvements in engine technology as well as the addition of an engine start/stop system.

Ferrari’s status as an independent automaker is slated to help them in the future as the company’s Chief Technology Officer Michael Leiters explained the “small manufacturers’ agreement allows us to continue” to use V12 engines. However, he admitted future fuel-economy and emission requirements will be a challenge but the hybrid system will enable the company to hit the required targets.

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  • Tumbi Mtika
  • Kash

    I give it until ~2020-25 and then suddenly they’ll “be open to the idea” of a turbo V12. I don’t believe a damn thing Marchionne has to say about any brand under the Fiat moniker.

    • Axel Cortez

      its ferrari we are talking about, that guy won’t mess with it or you will see it hanging around a pole in Maranello

      • Kash

        It’s also Marchionne. The man doesn’t know how to commit to anything other than sucking brands dry and running them into the ground, he couldn’t even commit to killing off the Viper. He’s also talking about increasing Ferrari’s production numbers, not to say that’s a bad thing, but he’s not exactly all about maintaining brand integrity even when it comes to Ferrari.

        • Axel Cortez

          I get your point, but now that Ferrari is public is harder for him to mess with it, they won’t fuck their core market (not the mere mortal that can afford a cali or 488) we are talking the ones that really dump a TON of money in the brand which are you know the special ones.

          They can increase a tad production numbers to please stockholders and make more money specially if those numbers come from cars like the TDF or one special editions

          I see Ferrari as the last brand that we will see to use gas engines when everyone else is using other means of propulsion… Seriously for how long they hold to the damn ignition key?

          • Kash

            I don’t think they will be. They’ll be one of the last, but not the last. the last will be someone like Chevy, Dodge, or Ford and it’ll be in the muscle car. It won’t be Ferrari. ICE’s can only be so efficient and once everyone else starts turbo’ing their V12’s and Ferrari starts falling behind Lambo, Aston Martin, AMG etc, they’ll be quick to jump ship. They’re also already saying the 812’s successor will go Hybrid, not turbo but hybrid.

            The Ferrari name will always sell, the people screaming for things like NA V12’s are the minority and most of which can’t ever and won’t ever be able to afford one unless we’re talking 30 years from now and a 4 owner 488. The majority of the people buying the car want it for the badge or because they had a Enzo poster on their wall as a kid. They might be petrolheads but they’re not purists, they want the fastest car they can buy so they can show off at red lights, track days, and at the valet stands with their mistresses.

            He isn’t talking about just increasing it from 7k to 7,001 or even 7,100. He’s talking about ramping it up to 9k if not closer to 10k so long as they only make 1 less car than what was ordered that year. That was after saying he wouldn’t increase production from 7k not even a year before. His excuse is that so long as they only make 9,999 when 10k cars are ordered it still creates exclusivity. Oh and he wants to hit 9k/year by 2019. He’s not exactly easing into it either. a 30% increase in production isn’t exactly a tad.

            I’m also willing to bet the LaFerrari successor will be a Turbo V12 Hybrid and Ferrari will write the turbo off as “well the 812’s successor is still NA, we still have a NA V12 in the stable.”

          • Axel Cortez

            if we go to the top market you have a bunch of turbo cars specially v8s then only 1 turbo v12 and ferrari with a N/A v12 at the next level you only have 2 players with N/A v12 and both saying they wont go turbo.

            My take is they will expand the base of Ferrari in those 3k more cars (sideways and a step lower) to support the guys at the top, the ones buying F12 and 812, because I believe if you buy an F12 you are a purist, you are gearhead not some idiot with money (that guy will get the 488gtb or an aventador if it has lots of money)

            They will make something like the Lusso where you now have a V8 entry level, maybe a 488 entry level, a california entry level, a dino, they can also introduce a v12 mid engine like the testarossa…

          • Kash

            If we’re talking strictly about Ferrari and Lambo for turbo’ing I really don’t know who would hold out longer. I don’t think Lambo will make the next Aventador a turbo or even hybrid V12, same with the Huracan. If they build a car with a V12 and hybrid system it’ll be a new model line that will eventually drop the V12 for a V8, then go pure EV.

            The majority of the people who bought things like the Speciale and TDF are purists, but not everyone who bought them were. The people buying the F12 and 812 i’d say are a 60/40 split in favor of show offs not purists, but I don’t run into many F12/812 owners but the ones I have run into don’t seem to care about NA vs Turbo.

            As for where Ferrari is gonna add those 3k extra sales, i don’t think we’ll see any other additions to the lineup other than the Dino and I think the Lusso will be the only car with a choice of engines.

            The rest of the sales will come from the all the people Ferrari blows off and tugs around when they want to buy something like the TDF or Speciale but they don’t own a F12 or 458, or any Ferrari’s so they get told “If you buy this California we’ll register your interest and see if we can get you a build slot.” that doesn’t happen though, because then a few months later they’re being told they didn’t get a build slot, but if they buy this 488 they’ll be at the top of the list for the next TDF/Speciale/LaFerrari. The more special the car the more times the person will be told this and given this run around. Ferrari has somewhat admitted to doing this when they said the higher spec cars get priority in production.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Amen! He’s all about Serg and what makes Serg look good, or at least what he perceives makes Serg look good. Oh yeah, and collecting that paycheck and golden parachute.

    • alexxx

      Why? You know him privately?

      • Kash

        Don’t need to know him personally to know how he does business.

        His entire basis for not going turbo is because of what an engineer said becuase of how that engineer feels. What happens when the engineer leaves or gets fired and someone else comes in with differing views? Marchionne isn’t saying all this because this is how he feels personally, he’s just parroting what someone else said. The interview was a proxy interview where Marchionne is the proxy for Ferrari’s head of engine programmes. Not once in the interview does he say anything about how he feels personally about a turbo V12. Yeah he calls the idea nuts but that’s not his words either, he’s repeating what that engineer told him when asked about a turbo V12.

        • alexxx

          It seems you know his words and thoughts better then him…good for you…you sound like a woman that always knows whats better for her husband…:-))))

          • Kash

            If he shares those feelings he never says so and everything he says was said by someone else first. Not once does he say how he feels about it all. There isn’t a single “I” statement in the interview and it wouldn’t be the first time he said something and then said the exact opposite not much later. It’s nothing new for him.

          • alexxx

            Maybe you r going to deep…

  • Beelzaboot teriaksun

    * until further notice

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