Hondata’s ECU Flash Makes Civic Turbo More Powerful Than Si

Do you own a 10th gen Honda Civic Turbo but want the extra power and performance of the Si without buying a new car? Fear no more as Hondata has the solution.

The tuning company has just launched a special tune for turbocharged Civic models outfitted with the available manual transmission and the CVT.

In those with the manual ‘box, Hondata’s modifications see boost increased by 9 psi and a no-lift shifting function added. The results of these relatively minor ECU tweaks result in big power gains.

In fact, it adds 35 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque at the crank over a Civic Sport, not just making the popular Civic variant much more brisk but also 20 hp and 62 lb-ft more potent than the recently-released Civic Si. In CVT models, Hondata has managed to turn up the boost by 3 or 6 psi, resulting in 214 hp and 220 lb-ft.

The tune is currently CARB-pending and can be purchased at a Hondata dealer for as little as $350. If a customer wants the optional Hondata FlashPro tool that allows the tune to be converted to stock at a moment’s notice, it costs $695.


  • Kash

    yeah but you’re still driving a Civic.

    • Six_Tymes

      “HAHA” how true.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        You can’t even call it a sleeper because of those damn vents! LOL

  • Mill0048

    Pretty stout numbers for that little 1.5l and a cheap mod to boot!


    and kiss your warranty good bye

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I’d get the Focus ST anyways.

  • Benjamin B.

    Omg awkward for people who buy the Si instead of a Type R. Still I’d have a VW Golf GTI, Ford Focus RS or Golf R.

  • klowik

    not sure if increasing in HP will cause more damage to the engine and transmission in the long run.

  • Bob White

    It will eventually blow the head.

  • Blade t

    Chep price for some xtra hps

  • Doug Macmillan

    These engines and transmissions are very strong. Three Civic 1.5 turbo coupes completed the 25 hour endurance race in Thunderhill last year with no engine or gearbox problems.

    Those three Civics are still racing today.

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