Land Rover Introduces New Engines For 2018 Evoque And Disco Sport

Land Rover has just introduced a selection of new Ingenium four-cylinder engines for the 2018 Range Rover Evoque and 2018 Discovery Sport.

The first engine is dubbed the Si4 240 and is a petrol-powered, turbocharged four-pot that delivers 237 hp and 340 Nm (250 lb-ft) in both the updated Evoque and Discovery Sport. Thanks to the slightly more slippery shape of the Evoque, the engine returns 38.7 mpg (7.3l/100km) in the baby Range Rover compared to the 35.3 mpg (8l/100km) it returns in the Disco.

The second new petrol engine introduced to both models is the Si4 290 that offers up 286 hp and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. That’s enough grunt to send the Evoque to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 6 seconds and 6.5 seconds for the Discovery Sport.

Last but not least is Jaguar Land Rover’s updated twin-scroll SD4 diesel with 237 hp. Land Rover has quoted a fuel economy rating of 44.1 mpg (6.4l/100km) for the Discovery Sport but hasn’t specified what the SD4 diesel Evoque will return.

Beyond these new engines, JLR has updated the Evoque for 2018 with a revised color palette, optional sports seats with perforated leather and the availability of a new SE Dynamic trim for the Evoque Convertible. As for the 2018 Discovery Sport, it receives more comfortable seats, additional color choices and a Dynamic styling pack that comes standard with the 286 hp petrol engine.


  • salamOOn

    after latest FL it looks great, but what about reliability?

    • pureworx

      probably not very good.. as with all JLR products

      • Waqar Khan

        People just jealous…I think, I’ve own LR since 2007, and I’m ordering me the Convertible 2018….and trust me I’ve had no issue…before that I had Toyota, Nissan, and Benz, and all of them didn’t stand long, Benz C Class still have it in the garage but haven’t used it since 2011.

        • pureworx

          well JLR reliability is a bit of a mixed bag.. especially the electrics.. my brother in law has had 3 range rover sports on lease over the last 8 years and all 3 spent a significant time being fixed at the dealership.. the first one and 2 failed starter motors and transmission ecu. the other two had various electrical problems too…

          not as reliable as a landcruiser

          • Waqar Khan

            Oh one of those brother in law stories… I get it, the starter problem that’s just a no buy.

          • pureworx

            yes its a true story and just like you hes deluded too about the JLR image and brand that he fails to see the crappiness and continues to buy them.

    • Harry_Wild

      If you can afford to own a RR, you don’t care that much about reliability since buyer usually own more the 3 vehicles. It is only if you lease it and it you sole vehicle that worry!

      • salamOOn

        yeah no problem honey that we are stuck here because our car is broken….. i am gonna call james to bring us my other car…..just relax, we have 5 hours of free time….

      • DMJ

        I’m sorry, but I dont agree. All the people that I know that have RRs Evoque dont have another car and they are not filthy rich. They just buy them over a BMW 3-series diesel or something like that.

      • Bob White

        Only an idiot wouldn’t care about reliability.

        Is JLR improving under Tata Motors? They are still bottom of the barrel in JDPower.

        • Harry_Wild

          LR has record sales! Take this for whatever it worth but LR has never in a long time maybe back in the 1960 since they were known for reliability! You buy a LR, RR because you want the top luxury status that it comes with! It looks great, luxurious interior, etc… You do not buy it for reliability! It is same with buying a Lamborghini and Ferrari brands among other ultra luxury brands.

  • Dustin

    The Si4 240 has been the Evoque’s engine since the beginning. How is it a new engine?…

    • Sébastien

      that seems to be a new version, less thirsty

  • Harry_Wild

    Time to buy a new Evoque with the Si4 290 engine! Talk to sales guy at RR dealership, big hope that boost sales! Full load with top trim package – Autobiography will be around $90K!

    • Bob White

      Or 3 Ford Escapes which are very similar.

      • Harry_Wild

        Not similar at all! Does not carry the status nor the luxury of a RR! Only thing that similar is that it is a crossover and it runs. Otherwise, no other similarities!

  • Waqar Khan

    I was ordering the 2017 convertible, all sales final but my sales person told me instead wait another month and you can get the 2018 by September….Now is he right, or he just want me to wait a bit more?

  • Rodeo

    Did they update the interior for the 2018 discovery sport? Like does it come with standard 10inch display screen

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